Be a Customer Spotlight during Board User Group or Customer Connect webinar

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Starts: 07-13-2021
Location: Online Opportunity


Participate in a Board webinar as the Customer Spotlight speaker during a Board User Group meeting or Customer Connect Webinar. The speaking slots range from 10-30 minutes, where you can share your company's Board story with other users. You have the option of speaking in a Q&A style or with presentation slides.

To prepare for the presentation, you will meet with the Board team to discuss your story and where it fits best into the agenda. You may be asked to prepare a talking points and/or presentation slides. Before the day of the live event, we will do a practice run-through together to ensure you are comfortable. As part of this opportunity, you will also be expected to serve as an available resource for questions and discussion. 

Please note, you need to be signed in as a community member to apply.

Advocates Needed:

30 (30 open slots)

Experience Required:

No specific qualifications




Customer Marketing