Analyst Survey: Dresner Advisory 2021

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Starts: 02-26-2021
Location: Online Opportunity


Analyst Survey: Dresner Advisory Services Wisdom of Crowds Market Study - 2021 Edition

Board International is working with Dresner Advisory Services to publish independent ratings of Board and would like you to participate, starting with a quick click below. The survey should take about 15-25 minutes to complete, depending on which section(s) you select. The deadline to complete the survey in March 31, 2021.

For participating in the survey you will:

  • Contribute to important research that helps your peers understand how to leverage and invest in technology
  • Receive complimentary research from Dresner Advisory Services for your personal use
  • Get advocacy points:
    • 75 points for completing 1 section
    • 150 points for completing 2 sections
    • 300 points for completing all 3 sections

Guide for participation:

  • Please follow this link to get started:
  • The first 21 Questions are General Information about you and your Company. If you don’t understand the question or feels it does not pertain to you and/or your Organization, simply select “Not Important” or “I Don’t Know." This also applies throughout the remainder of the survey.
  • The survey is divided into three primary sections: Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), Business Intelligence (BI), and Sales Performance Management (SPM). You will have the choice on Question 21 to decide which section(s) to complete.
  • Please be sure to select Board International as your Vendor of Choice and if you use Board 10 or 11. 
  • Before hitting 'Submit,' rate Board in the very last question of the survey (Would you recommend this vendor/product?). Your rating is required for your input to count as a valid survey.
  • Take the screenshot of the last page (thank you for submitting your review page) and upload this screenshot to the application form. 
  • Your points will be granted once the review is published (3-5 working days)

Please note, you need to be signed in as a community member to apply.

Advocates Needed:

50 (50 open slots)

Experience Required:

No specific qualifications




Katherine Cote