Working with the Libraries


By Anastasia Politiuk posted 03-31-2020 13:02



Every community has navigation menu where you can switch between various content types: home page, discussions, library files, blogs, and members. 

Library is a convenient place to store files and organise them in folders. Once navigated to the Library tab, you have an option to choose the way who files are displayed: list view or folder view.


Folder View gives the ability to access the folder structure and quickly see the list of available files. To view a file, click on the name of the document in the box on the right and then click on ‘View’ button at the top.


List View shows more details about each item (including tags, if these have been added). To view a file, simply click in on the title of the file.


Most of library entries are collaborative, which means that you can leave comments and follow the discussions. You can also upload new documents, although we don’t recommend doing this unless you have a very specific reason. In most cases it would be sufficient to insert an image (if you want to add a screenshot, for example) directly into a discussion or a blog.

If you have questions, reach out to