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Broken Links in the Discussion Posts

By Anastasia Politiuk posted 04-14-2020 18:03

Dear Community Members,

We received a couple of emails from you about broken links in discussion posts. We are aware of the problem which is caused by the differences in URL structures between the old and the new communities. And we apologise for the inconveniences this is causing. 

Unfortunately, the process to get the links updated is manual and so far we have fixed the links in all posts within Resources section. The next on our list is Configure Board, Administer Board and Use Board forums as these communities have manageable number of discussions. Forums community has over 4,000 discussions and it will take time to get the pages updated.

The good news is that all the internal community pages that the broken links are pointing to have been migrated. If you know the name of the article / blog / discussion post that the URL is pointing to, you can type it in the search bar in the top right corner of the page and you should be able to find the desired page. You can be a Good Samaritan and add a reply with a correct link to the discussion thread.

Here's an example. We've got a discussion where one of the replies has a couple of broken links:


Copy the title of the link (How to get weather forecast from Yahoo) and paste in in the search bar:


Since you are copying the title, the article you need will come up as a first result:


Alternatively, you can send the links to the discussions with broken links to community@board.com and we will get these updated for you and the rest of the community.

Thank you for your continuous support and stay safe.

Kind regards,
Board Community Management Team