Board Tips & Tricks Tuesdays


By Anastasia Politiuk posted 05-26-2020 15:19


We are excited to kick off our new educational series of webinars: Board Tips and Tricks Tuesdays.

Each webinar is just 30 min long and will focus on one topic at a time. Our goal is help you gain or refresh your knowledge about various features of Board platform. Our motto for this series is less slides, more action, so get ready for the hands-on experience

We also encourage you to continue the discussions with your peers in the community, where you will be able to find the session recordings and ask questions related to the topic presented. Please go to the library to access the recordings and sign up to the upcoming sessions.

We are also open to your suggestions when it comes to topics we should be covering, so if there's a topic you want us to cover, please leave a comment under this blog post! 

As you can see, in our initial schedule we have planned weekly webinars, but if the community believes that weekly is too often, let us know as well. It's important for us to have your input and feedback.



09-08-2020 19:04

Would love to see a session on the intricacies of data flows.
This may need to tie into a best practices on data load cubes and calculated cubes from that data.

I'm having issues with dataflows when converting currency from one cube to another. Also having issues when I get the converted value correct for the period but the yearly cumulative value on the same cube doesn't work. Not sure if this is a BOARD issue or the value the dataflow is setup.

07-27-2020 08:29

Hi @Ian Bradley - thanks for flagging! I've replaced individual links with one that will take you to the library from where you can navigate to the session you are interested in. ​

07-24-2020 18:05

How do I access the library as the link doesn't appear to be working? I'd like to review this weeks webinar

06-08-2020 10:28

Great idea.
In my opinion 30'/week is sustainable. 
Also bi-week could be good.
I'm going to sign up!