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Working from home? Here are some tips for success!

By Katherine Cote posted 03-31-2020 15:41

More people than usual are now working from home all around the world, and for most of us, that transition came abruptly. In just the last few weeks I've made more changes and adjustments than I anticipated, from setting boundaries around my home to purchasing a few extra devices to make my work life more comfortable. I've actually found the most comfort in knowing that I'm not alone in this change. After talking with peers and attending webinars dedicated to this topic, I've curated a list of my favorite work from home tips that I'd like to share. 

  • Start your day by mentally thinking about going to work and practice your normal routine, even though you are not leaving.
  • Create a non-work related task you can accomplish easily in the morning to feel productive, such as making your bed, reading for 30 minutes, or making your lunch for the day.
  • If possible, designate your own work space and set boundaries around it.
  • Talk with the others you share space with about your schedule and be up front about times when you need quiet.
  • Be flexible with your new surroundings and unpredictable interruptions, such as children, pets, or outside noises.
  • Use your camera during calls as much as possible. Face to face interactions are best.
  • Schedule time for breaks, especially lunch, otherwise colleagues are likely to see a free spot on your calendar and schedule a meeting. It’s also helpful to plan lunch ahead of time so you are prepared when hunger hits. 
  • Your body may start to respond negatively to working from home, so try to be active each day. Do a workout video (like yoga) or take your calls for a walk.
  • Find places in your home where you can be creative, such as using a higher counter top as a makeshift standing desk.
  • Call others often to maintain connection with the outside world. Schedule virtual lunch hours or even happy hours after work.
  • Expect things to go wrong during virtual meetings. This is the new normal.
  • If you have the funds, invest in a few things that will make your work experience optimal, like a comfy chair or nice pair of headphones.
  • Try different things with intent and purpose to see what works best for you, whether that’s working designated hours (9am-5pm) or working longer hours and taking more breaks. Try to find the right balance where you’re not working the entire day, nonstop.
  • Be kind to yourself during this tremendous time of change and challenge. Take pause and focus on you when you need it.

Here at Board we recognize the importance of connecting with others through conversations, shared experiences, and new learning opportunities. To help promote this across our entire community, we'd like to suggest a few things:
  1. Use the integrated chat and workflow functions in Board to coordinate with your colleagues
  2. Check out our live webinars for new inspiration and training
  3. Become active in the new online community and exchange ideas with other users 
  4. Be creative and stay engaged with your colleagues 

Leave a comment below with your best tips and what's been working for you!