Customer Rossdown Farms and Natural Foods will use Board to report on employee and visitor health in the office

By Katherine Cote posted 08-19-2020 14:25


Hi Board Customers and Partners! I’m excited to share about a new initiative that Rossdown Farms and Natural Foods, Board customer in Canada, is launching using Board in response to COVID-19.

As background, Rossdown Farms and Natural Foods is a fourth-generation family business location in British Columbia’s Fraser Valley that grows and partners with select local farmers to process and supply wholesome poultry products.

Adrian Alzona, Director of Information Technology at Rossdown Farms and Natural Foods, recently shared with us that he and his team have been developing a health check process that will provide the Health and Safety department with visibility into visitor health to help maintain a safe working environment. This is scheduled to launch in late September, and we’re so eager to hear how it goes.

How will it work?

When employees and visitors enter the office, they are guided to a secure area to have their temperature taken and they are asked to answer 3 screening questions. Once completed, and only if their responses indicate they are not at risk of having COVID, a health screener scans the employee's ID and QR code into a tablet (cleaned regularly), and then the person fills out a questionnaire form online. This documents their declaration of good health and all answers. This paperless model pushes all the responses to a document management system, which is connected to Board. Rossdown Farms and Natural Foods looks forward to using Board to share daily reports with the Health and Safety Department about the status of all people entering the office.

“The report will be a huge asset to us,” says Adrian. “This report can simply be archived or presented to our Health authority when demanded. This will cover us for any suspected outbreaks, and we can know right away, at any time, which employee(s) or visitor(s) the suspected COVID positive person came in close contact with.”

This is a tremendous initiative and demonstrates the creativity and determination that Rossdown Farms and Natural Foods used in creating a process that will help keep its employees and visitors safe.  Are there any other customers that have done something similarly innovative in response to COVID-19? Let us know in the comments below!