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How to ask questions to get helpful answers

By Sandra Bartl posted 08-28-2020 07:24


Asking questions about the usage, configuration or administration of Board is one central element of our Community. To make it easy for other Community members to understand your question and give you helpful advice, it is beneficial to consider to provide this information:

  • Explain the circumstances
  • Name the Board version you are using
  • Explain your current status and what you are aiming to achieve
  • If possible, add screenshots
Also, please consider to choose the right place to ask your questions: 
  • if you are looking for advice or inspiration, searching for a function - "Forums" with the 3 sub categories configure, administer and use Board are the right place.
  • if you experience an error in Board, you should better reach out to support via the ticket system
  • You have an idea that you want to share with others? Go to "Inspirations"
  • you think we should add a new funtion to Board? Share this thought with us and the Board Lab: "Ideas"

Not sure about this? Get in touch with us: Community Team. We are happy to help.