eLearning Update: New Product Tutorials on B11

By Stefano Bartolazzi posted 07-21-2020 09:20


Make the most of your complimentary access to Board e-Learning until the end of 2020

Hello Boardville citizens,

We have some very exciting and long-awaited news for you all: we are releasing new eLearning catalogue, entirely updated for Board 11 software version and featuring three courses: Data Modelling, Report Design, and Procedure Management.

Each of the courses covers all the knowledge required to become proficient in using Board. We have created over six hours of new video content which adds up to more than four days of classroom training.

To make the educational process more fun, we are also thrilled to introduce Boardino, your helpful training assistant, who will be with you on every step of your eLearning journey. Designed by illustrator Carlo Stanga, Boardino will guide you through each training module, providing clear, concise instructions to help speed up the learning process.


As all Board customers and partners have exclusive free access to Board eLearning platform until the end of 2020, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the new content right away.

If you have any questions, please reach out to: edusupport@board.com

Board Enablement Team


If you would like to learn more about the content, here’s an overview of the courses:

Data Modelling

The first course explains, step-by-step, how to build Data Models in Board.

You will explore the main bricks that form the fundamentals of the data model paradigm before learning how to create a new data model and set the related time range. You will then be taken through the key concepts of Entities and Cubes, before understanding how to connect entities to each other through the E/R Model.

Finally, you will undertake a deep exploration of data readers to learn how to load data.

Below is the complete list of tutorials included in this course:

Report Design

Let’s jump to the second course. Moving through 10 tutorials, you will fully understand how to create data analyses and applications using Board.

You will first learn the basics, in terms of Screens and Capsules. Next, you will understand how to display data using the toolkit approach and improve the interactivity of your applications using buttons and labels. Part of the course is dedicated to visualization capabilities, in particular Charts. Finally, you will find out how to perform Data and Item entry.

Below is a list of the renewed tutorials in this course:

Procedure Management

The last course explains how to design and manage processes using Board. Users will explore the concept and usage of procedures and dataflows.

This course includes the following updated tutorials: