Board eLearning: what's new!

By Stefano Bartolazzi posted 05-16-2019 05:00


Dear All,



I would like to share with all of you what's coming up next for you in the Board eLearning


As all of you know, a few weeks ago Board 10.5 was launched, which is the very first full web Board version.


We have structured an eLearning catalogue based on Board 10.5 named the Web Experience. The eLearning will help you understand how the Web designer works and how you can easily convert Capsules from older versions. This material will help you get up to speed, and then go even faster with the new web version of Board. 


We are also launching a catalogue of material related to Cloud Management. We've structured a step by step tutorial to explain to customers and partners  how the Cloud Activation process works, and some tips to get the most value from using the Cloud.


Those two catalogues will be available by the end of May.


Board 11 is now reality! We’re all excited about this, and we’re working hard to deliver the new Board 11 Product Tutorial, covering all the necessary knowledge to be proficient and effective in using Board 11.


The Tutorial will be ready by the end of Q3.


Hope it helps!





10-28-2019 10:09

Hi Alberto,


the first part of the new catalogue (Capsules Design) will be available by the end of Q4.


Kind regards,



10-22-2019 22:06

Stefano, is Board 11 Tutorial ready?