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This is a place to learn about the Community Spaces, areas and future evolutions, as well as a place to share feedback about the BoardVille Community.

Are you new here and looking for guidance? Do you have an idea about how to evolve the community? Have you got a suggestion for a new place? This is where you can post it and start the discussion.

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    We are soon celebrating the first Birthday of our "new" Community and we would like to understand how we can improve things for you.

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  • Hello BoardVille citizens, As our customer and partner community grows, learning and enablement are becoming increasingly important. We have numerous resources available to you within the community and now most of the education materials are stored in ...

  • Hello Community! We are thrilled to bring Board Tips & Tricks Tuesdays series back to you in a new and exciting format. Our theme for 2021 is ‘ Build-A-Board ’ and we will be leveraging all the knowledge from the previous TTTs webinars to provide ...

  • We’re excited to announce the new Board Advocacy Program: community.board.com/advocacy There’s nothing we love more than hearing from our customers about how Board is impacting their business decisions, so we designed a program to highlight your ...

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