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This is a place to learn about the Community Spaces, areas and future evolutions, as well as a place to share feedback about the BoardVille Community.

Are you new here and looking for guidance? Do you have an idea about how to evolve the community? Have you got a suggestion for a new place? This is where you can post it and start the discussion.

If you need help, don't hesitate to ask a question or get in touch with us via email: community@board.com


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  • Dear Community Members, We received a couple of emails from you about broken links in discussion posts. We are aware of the problem which is caused by the differences in URL structures between the old and the new communities. And we apologise for the ...

  • More people than usual are now working from home all around the world, and for most of us, that transition came abruptly. In just the last few weeks I've made more changes and adjustments than I anticipated, from setting boundaries around my home to purchasing ...

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  • Every community has navigation menu where you can switch between various content types: home page, discussions, library files, blogs, and members. Library is a convenient place to store files and organise them in folders. Once navigated to the ...

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