How to: Points, Levels & Missions to become a BOARD SuperHero

Blog Post created by gbiondi Employee on Oct 31, 2017

This point system has been designed to help community members discover quality information faster and to acknowledge those who have actively contributed content to BOARDVille Online Community.

You can earn points by the following actions:


Your idea or poll was voted on1
Comment or reply to a piece of content1
Add a tag to a piece of content1
Update a piece of content1
Like a piece of content, a comment, or a reply1
Content you created was shared2
Share a piece of content2
Mark a person's answer as correct2
Mark a piece of content, comment or reply as helpful / official / reserved /success / decision /  for action / as final2
Vote on an idea 2
Bookmark a piece of content2
Your content was marked for action 2
Create a piece of content3
Follow a person or a place3
Content you created was commented on3
Mark a piece of content, comment or reply as outdated5
You were followed5
Your content was marked as official / reserved / success / helpful /  final / decision or outdated5
Content you created was bookmarked or liked5
Your answer was marked as correct10

Earn points to move through the Levels 

You can quickly move through the Community levels by accruing points for your contributions. When you pass a certain threshold, you will move up a level in BOARDVille.



BOARDVille Newbie0
BOARDVille Tourist100
BOARDVille Explorer300
BOARDVille Newcomer600
BOARDVille Citizen1000
BOARDVille Turistic Guide2000
BOARDVille Sheriff3500
BOARDVille Counselor6600
BOARDVille Major10000
BOARDVille President20000
BOARDVille SuperHero30000


Mission Badges

Missions are a specific set of actions that will earn you points when you complete all of them. You will always find new ones featured around the Community to help you move through levels and become a BOARD SuperHero!


Few Examples: