Blog Post created by gbiondi Employee on Mar 1, 2019

Join our interactive research program and help us make BOARD even better! 


Calling all active developers and advanced BOARD users! – now is your chance to access the latest BOARD functionality before anyone else and play a pivotal role in testing and validating our new features.


We are excited to launch our BOARD Early Adopter Program (or as we call it BEAP) to empower YOU, our valued customers and partners, to influence the development of our product. As a BEAP member, your role will be to test the new releases and help capture as much information as possible throughout the testing program, influencing how the BOARD platform works and what comes next.


Your first challenge will be BOARD 11, featuring the new functionality everyone has been waiting for: 

full HTML5 capabilities of BOARD 10.5 and a new WAVE engine that eliminates version management and sparsity management.


Find out more about the program, how to join and your first challenge – BOARD 11 from our dedicated   BEAP Overview Brochure or watch a video featuring BOARD CTO – Pietro Ferrari.


To be eligible, you must be a BOARD Admin/Developer with permission to download and set up the new version. It is also important for you and your team to have the capacity to participate in the testing as this requires certain time commitment. We’ll also ask you to complete regular feedback reports and actively discuss ideas for improvements and new features with the rest of the BEAP community (we have a dedicated by-invitation only space which you get access to after applying to join).



Get involved today! Simply complete the application form and we will be in touch with the next steps.