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BOARD is evolving in order to be simpler, more powerful, more intuitive and more valuable. 


The most innovative and game-changing release, BOARD 11, is now here! Together with the new product version, we launched the new corporate brand and product logo which was designed to reflect our evolution. Additionally, we launched a new tagline, "Sparking your business imagination,"  which conveys the concept that BOARD 11 brings us more creative ways to generate and visualize the data, a data engine that supports the most ambitious projects and more ways to support cross-department collaboration.


BOARD 11 brings the power and simplicity needed to boost next-level decision-making.    



Have you seen our new website? Check it out  


Join us @ BOARDVille2019

Posted by gbiondi Employee Mar 26, 2019

Hello Community Members!


I am opening this discussion because I want to give few more information around another important Customer & Partner initiative: the BOARDVille User Conference 2019 ( which will be held this year in:

  • Las Vegas from April 14 to 17
  • Lake Maggiore, Italy, from May 19 to 22


BOARDVille 2019 is a three-day event featuring inspiring keynotes, exclusive workshops and presentations, training sessions and fun networking activities. The conference brings together the entire BOARD Community of Customers, Partners and Employees to interact, learn and share best practices. This year all the sessions, including the hands on training, will be on BOARD 11!!!


In order to offer to all BOARD users a tailored experience we have created four tracks:


  • Keynotes: Innovative speakers and industry leaders will offer their inspirational perspectives and anecdotes on decision making and its impact on success. During 2019 edition we will hear inspiring speeched from Garry Kasparov, BOARD's CTO Pietro Ferrari, Robert D. Kugel from Ventana and many others.
  • Hands-on workshop (Basic and Advanced): During a two-hour classroom-style session led by BOARD’s trainers you’ll learn new concepts to take back to the office. Bring your own laptop and use for the first time ever BOARD11!!
  • Academy: Immersive technical sessions led by BOARD experts that are designed to advance your current skillset and teach you new tips and tricks for BOARD, including BOARD 11
  • Business Tracks: Discover innovative ideas and hear success stories from Customers and BOARD experts.


Registration is open! Join us with your colleagues!


Should you need further information do not hesitate to ask questions in the Community! You can address them to me, Silvia and Cristina


The most up-to-date full agenda is available is here (Lake Maggiore) and here (Las Vegas).


You can also visit also the conference website

Join our interactive research program and help us make BOARD even better! 


Calling all active developers and advanced BOARD users! – now is your chance to access the latest BOARD functionality before anyone else and play a pivotal role in testing and validating our new features.


We are excited to launch our BOARD Early Adopter Program (or as we call it BEAP) to empower YOU, our valued customers and partners, to influence the development of our product. As a BEAP member, your role will be to test the new releases and help capture as much information as possible throughout the testing program, influencing how the BOARD platform works and what comes next.


Your first challenge will be BOARD 11, featuring the new functionality everyone has been waiting for: 

full HTML5 capabilities of BOARD 10.5 and a new WAVE engine that eliminates version management and sparsity management.


Find out more about the program, how to join and your first challenge – BOARD 11 from our dedicated   BEAP Overview Brochure or watch a video featuring BOARD CTO – Pietro Ferrari.


To be eligible, you must be a BOARD Admin/Developer with permission to download and set up the new version. It is also important for you and your team to have the capacity to participate in the testing as this requires certain time commitment. We’ll also ask you to complete regular feedback reports and actively discuss ideas for improvements and new features with the rest of the BEAP community (we have a dedicated by-invitation only space which you get access to after applying to join).



Get involved today! Simply complete the application form and we will be in touch with the next steps.


Season's Greetings

Posted by gbiondi Employee Dec 21, 2018

From all of us at BOARD

Hello BOARDVille Citizens!

participate now to our new Review Campaign with Gartner Peer Insights! 

All the people who will submit an approved review within October 31, through this linkwill receive a Visa gift card worth 25$

Thanks in advance for contributing a detailed, balanced and complete review!

I look forward to seeing many 5-stars reviews coming!!!       

Hello BOARDVille Citizens!

participate now to our new Review Campaign with G2Crowd! The first 40 people who will submit a review through this link will receive an Amazon gift card worth 25$

Thanks in advance for contributing a detailed, balanced and complete review!

I look forward to seeing many 5-stars reviews coming!!!    

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