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About the Community

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Welcome to BOARDVille!

Posted by ggallo Employee Oct 4, 2017



The BOARDVille Community is now live and ready for you to ask questions, share the projects you are working on and collaborate with your fellow BOARDies.

The key word here is collaborate because the aim of this community is to share and help your peers in a transparent way that showcases the world of BOARD, of its activities and achievements.






New here? Let me show you around

As a new citizen in BOARDVille it is important to get to grips with where everything is and how to find your way around.

We have compiled some helpful guides to get you going:


Manage BOARDVille Email Notifications

The BOARD community can ensure you never miss an update in your community inbox by also sending you an email notification so you stay up-to-date with your community activity.


Managing Your Inbox

Your community inbox is the hub of all the conversations, questions and other activity you are involved in across our community. If you're participating or simply tracking activity around the community, then you can manage it all from your inbox.


Finding People, Places, and Content

Searching around BOARDVille community is one of the strongest points of our new platform and understanding how search is organized will ensure you quickly know how to find what you are looking for around the community.


   Language and Contents

The BOARDVille Community is open to all of our Customers, Patrners and BOARD Employee worldwide. Being it at its early stages, we are asking our fellow BOARDVille Citizens to ask questions, comment and contribute in English only.This is to guarantee a wider audience and a chance for everyone to contribute and help.

Stay tuned as we will be working to evolve our community and manage multi-lingual contributions. 


We have other How to guides that explain some key functionality but if you can't find one to help you with your question please go to About the Community where you can ask questions of our admin team and indeed the rest of the community.


Finally, we have published some Community Guidelines that outline some rules of the road on using our community to show our users how to get the most from the platform.


This community is your community and we want you to get as much out of it as you can. As we continue to evolve over our launch period and beyond, we will be constantly reviewing, adapting and improving the community to meet your needs and so please always, always feel free to share feedback with us in the About the Community


For further information about the Community areas and sections you can read BOARDVille City Guide - Community Areas


Welcome to BOARDVille!




Hello fellow BOARDVille Citizens!

This is your BOARDVille City Guide, where you can find some information about the different Community Spaces and areas. We will be updating and evolving the Community with you, so stay tuned and get in touch to contribute in its growth.

If you are a new citizen, take some time to have a look at the Welcome to BOARDVille!

Please find below a schema of the actual BOARDVille Community Spaces and navigation




This is where the Community happens.

This is where all of us can ask questions, discuss, contribute and help other BOARD users. The forums are divided into three subareas Use BOARD, Configure Board and Administer BOARD, we want all Citizens to feel free to ask questions without thinking too much of whether their question is related to, the important is to ask!

So, if you have a question or a doubt, feel free to share it here so that the whole community can read it and help you. Our moderators and Administrators, can help you by moving your question in another area if needed, but there is no need for you to worry about it. 

The following 3 spaces are sub-areas of the Forums where, exactly as you would do in the Forums area, you can ask, share, contribute and help other users. The idea behind these areas is to group conversations and questions according to different area of interest 

Use BOARD > Anything related to using, interacting and playing with BOARD: from drilling to interactively selecting elements, or from exporting to performing advanced data entry. 

Configure BOARD > Ask and contribute about configuring solutions with BOARD: from creating dataviews to configuring charts and dashboard, or creating fully integrated solutions for planning and forecasting.

Administer BOARD > Ask, contribute, help other citizens and BOARD users to maintain, setup or manage a BOARD environment in terms of settings, backups, integrations, architecture or security.



About the Community

This space is where we can all discuss about the Community structure, organization and overall logics. The Community Managers will be publishing periodic updates on news and future evolutions of the Community, as well as being able to answer your question on how to navigate and contribute in it.

You'll be able to find many interesting documents and blogs such as:

Community Guidelines 

How to: ask a question 

How to: Follow People, Places and Content 

and many more...



At BOARD we want our solution to be in line with our users' expectations and to outperform our competition. That's why our software development process will be affected by you and your opinion. Ideas can be submitted by all of our BOARD Customers and Partners and everyone can vote other citizens ideas. 

The more votes your idea will get, the more visibility and echo it will reach! 

Browse our Ideas selection process  and check the blog post How to write and share an idea and share your ideas with the Community!



Have you configured a particularly brilliant allocation procedure? Have your users been particularly happy of the way information was distributed and represented? Are you happy of the automatic process workflow your company is currently using and would like to share it with the Community?

Share, post and show your work with BOARD: give hints on how to configure the same (or a similar) application and inspire the community! Your contribution is key!


Endorse Board

This is the area where YOU can do something for BOARD if you wish! Wondering how?

Submit a case study Do you have a great BOARD project story to tell? Share it with other BOARDVille Citizens! The BOARDVille community is encouraged to submit case study content for publication here. 

Take part to the Referral Program we love your friends!

Leave a review tell the world how you like BOARD!




Find documents, files, examples and articles BOARD periodically shares with the Community.

Feel free to browse, read, download and share these information, and use these items to help other community members or spread some technical articles and "how tos" in your company.

Here you can find articles like...

The Double Lift challenge solution 

Best Practices for Performance Tuning on big data models 

BOARD Data Picker Functionality 

and many more!




Resources now also contain BOARD Software installer downloads!

Feel free to browse articles and release notes about our latest BOARD software upgrades and new releases!


Please note that Product Downloads are only accessible to BOARD Customers and Partners and BOARD Employees



Upgrade your skills with courses on the most popular BOARD features and best practices.

BOARD e-Learning helps your business move forward onboarding your team members faster, at their own pace, when their schedules allow.

Register to the BOARD E-Learning platform and enjoy our collection of step-by-step tutorials. This is an unmissable milestone of your onBOARDing! Progress of each learner is tracked so team leaders can maximize their learning curve and task assignement.



Partner Hub

This area is currently restricted to BOARD Partners only. It will evolve over time and will become a real Hub where Partners can cooperate or discuss about BOARD solutions and project implementations.

It will have multiple evolutions over time, stay tuned to discover more!

Within the Partner Hub you will find a very special group, dedicated to Board Financial Consolidation Financial Consolidation

Please note that the PARTNER HUB is only accessible to BOARD Partners and BOARD Employees


Witness our City grow and expand thanks to your contributions and help! We are just at the beginning of our journey together and we will keep growing the contents and helpful information you will be able to find.


Stay tuned!