• Queries about community.board and Inspiration Review

    Hi,   I have posted an inspiration a few weeks ago (Executing a Server-side application from BOARD) which is still marked as requiring review. Not knowing the best place to follow this up, I thought I would post...
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  • Connecting and getting Data through REST connection

    Hello Team,   I am trying to get data from BITRIX 24 CRM into Board, however i have not worked on getting Data from another application through REST API before,   Can anyone please help by sharing scr...
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  • How can I add an icon to my username?

    It seems users have icons in the suffix of their username when mentioned in various list screens. It looks like most are BOARD employees, but I noticed a few non-BOARD folks can do it too. Is there a way I can ad...
    Bob Gill
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  • Community Search function

    There appears to be an issue with the Search function on the community website.  It is very intermittent in returning results.  Sometimes it will, sometimes it won't, such as the snips.  I've tried...
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  • Delete Draft Documents - How?

    As I was becoming more familiar with the BOARD Community site, I found that I cannot delete draft documents that I've created and so will see this pile continually grow as I use the platform.  Is there a way ...
  • Is there a way i can direct message another BOARDVille Citizen?

    Hi, is there a way i can address someone specifically with a "private" question or a direct specific message? i cannot find this functionality   thanks in advance Regards,
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  • Download for Board 11 is broken

    Why the download links for Board 11 says unauthorized??
    created by prasannapmv
  • Encrypted log files without password

    Hi, We mistakenly checked options "Encrypt BOARD log files" under Security settings in BOARD server configuration tool. Due to this, there were no password assigned. We trying to de-crypt the files using BoardLogDe...
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  • Volunteer moderators?

    Hi folks,   I realize the folks running the community are quite busy. Would you like volunteers to assist with moderating some of the content across the community? If so, I would be happy to volunteer to do so.&...
    Bob Gill
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  • See just ideas I haven't voted on?

       Is there a way to put together a screen that just shows ideas I haven't voted on yet? ..or puts those at the top or the order? When folks navigate to the Ideas place, they'll see the top ideas by default....
    Bob Gill
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  • BOARD Community Navigation frustrations

    Hi Paul Wyatt - Avison Young UK!  I am moving here your request as it more for "about the community" space, hope you don't mind   "I am finding it increasingly frustrating when reading through forums....
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  • add number of comments and likes in the top "trending content" part of page

    Hi, I appreciate to see the current number of comments and likes for a specific post on this community in the bottom-part of the Homepage, see this example:   However, I would also appreciate to see it in the...
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  • Quests for Courses?

    Now that the e-Learning space is available, will there be quests for the courses? Given the 5 main tracks currently available (Database, Capsule, Procedure, Admin, User Exp), I think it would be nice to steer communit...
    Bob Gill
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  • Did I miss a step for the Gartner review quest?

    Hi folks,    I posted a review on the Gartner site and registered the link in the Endorse Board area. I saw the approval of the review, but the quest is still showing as incomplete. Is there a ste...
    Bob Gill
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  • Why don't my "Insights" work?

    If I call the app it only says "whoops - One or more of the dashboard charts failed to load. Retry" The "Retry"-Option doesn't get me any further - what has happened there?   Helmut
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  • What do I do with the Calendar App integrated in BOARDville?

    I've called the app and it doesn't even show my own Agenda and still have some more questions which maybe you can shed a light on.... How can I create entries? Who can see my calendar entries? What is is supposed f...
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  • Replies on question/discussion

    Hello, after using the community for a while I noticed that in the list of questions/discussions of each forum (Use Board, Configure Board, Administer Board), the only information available it's the original aut...
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  • Following myself ;-)

    When I call my own "View Profile" I'm able to click "Follow" - so now I assume, I'm following myself ;-)
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  • Trending Topics

    Hello, when I enter the community I'm presented with a summary on the "Trending topics" which I believe is really helpful. I don't know whether it is just me but, when I look at the topics list, I'm always finding d...
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  • Giving away points

    It looks like the community has an option to give away points. I'm curious about how we should use this feature. Can you explain a bit about how and when we should give points away? On the leader boards, we can see a ...
    Bob Gill
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