• My Profile in the community is resetted

    hello going to my profile I see that all points/badges etc have been resetted
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  • Jive

    Does anyone use the JIVE iOS App?  I have found it to be painful to use, lacking in any ability to present the community content in a truly usable manner and incapable of tracking updates.    So, I ...
  • Queries about community.board and Inspiration Review

    Hi,   I have posted an inspiration a few weeks ago (Executing a Server-side application from BOARD) which is still marked as requiring review. Not knowing the best place to follow this up, I thought I would post...
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  • BOARDville Profile changes

    Hello Giulia Biondi,   Please could I ask a question about the BOARDville site profile page?  I want to change my 'Last Name' & 'Company' to include 'UK'.  Will these changes cause my pro...
  • Connecting and getting Data through REST connection

    Hello Team,   I am trying to get data from BITRIX 24 CRM into Board, however i have not worked on getting Data from another application through REST API before,   Can anyone please help by sharing scr...
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  • How can I add an icon to my username?

    It seems users have icons in the suffix of their username when mentioned in various list screens. It looks like most are BOARD employees, but I noticed a few non-BOARD folks can do it too. Is there a way I can ad...
    Bob Gill
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  • How to load Dashboard inside an iFrame

    Hi all,   I am working on MicroStrategy 10.40 version. I have a requirement where a document should have a two-section, the top section should have UI elements for prompt input and the bottom section should have...
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  • Any reason why Export to PDF isn't Working ?!

    Hello all,   I am using Board ver. 10.3   I recently tried to export a simple Summarized Dataview via Export to PDF option,   i see a .tmp file being created during this process for a second and then...
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  • Partner trying to download BOARD software

    Hello Community Moderators,   I'm a BOARD Partner in the process of learning the software on the BOARD Education site. I'd like to install the software so I may begin the real-working exercises.   How...
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  • increase the points

    Hi everybody, it's been a week since I've done several activities in the community but I do not increase the points. Has it ever happened to you ? Thanks so much Andrea
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  • (RESOLVED) I am no longer receiving notifications

    Hello,   I don't appear to be receiving notifications and my point score has remained at 15,761 for a few days now in spite of my activity.  Please could I ask if this is correct for my account, and so for ...
  • Delete Draft Documents - How?

    As I was becoming more familiar with the BOARD Community site, I found that I cannot delete draft documents that I've created and so will see this pile continually grow as I use the platform.  Is there a way ...
  • Is there a way i can direct message another BOARDVille Citizen?

    Hi, is there a way i can address someone specifically with a "private" question or a direct specific message? i cannot find this functionality   thanks in advance Regards,
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  • How can I mark quests complete after leaving a review on another website?

    How can I get quest points for reviews on other websites? There are a few quests about posting reviews on other websites about BOARD. I've done a few of them, but I'm not sure how to mark the quest complete. I imagine...
    Bob Gill
    created by Bob Gill
  • Download for Board 11 is broken

    Why the download links for Board 11 says unauthorized??
    created by prasannapmv
  • Points resetted

    Hello   looking at my profile it seems all my points, badges atc have been resetted
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  • Time Range Entities Error

    Hi The Board Time Range Entities are showing up in 'Entities' tab. Please help us figure out the issue and fix itGiulia Biondi
    created by harishdk
  • Volunteer moderators?

    Hi folks,   I realize the folks running the community are quite busy. Would you like volunteers to assist with moderating some of the content across the community? If so, I would be happy to volunteer to do so.&...
    Bob Gill
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  • Unable to Post a Question to Partner Hub

    Hi folks,    I wanted to post a new question on the Partner Hub, but it seems to error out for me. Am I doing something wrong?   Steps Open community.board.com Click on Partner Hub Scroll down...
    Bob Gill
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  • See just ideas I haven't voted on?

       Is there a way to put together a screen that just shows ideas I haven't voted on yet? ..or puts those at the top or the order? When folks navigate to the Ideas place, they'll see the top ideas by default....
    Bob Gill
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