E-learning path: the Board Administrator

Blog Post created by gbiondi Employee on Apr 3, 2018

What's the best way to structure your learning path?


We have identified some paths tailored upon some Job Role samples, here there are some suggestions for Board Administrators.


  1. Start from the first two Tutorials of the Administration Catalogue. When your Board Client is up and running, download some samples  from the Resources section (Wiki) of this Community and walk through the Application Screens. If you're working on Cloud, jump to the Cloud Tutorials to understand how the Cloud environment works.

  2. This will help to clarifies the perception users have of the Board platform.

  3. Even if you don’t necessary develop it’s extremely useful for you to have an understanding of the bricks and foundations of the Board Database and the Web Data Model Editor. Explore its Catalogue, narrow your exploration to those videos you believe are the “must watch”.
  4. Next, it’s important to understand the Capsule Paradigm.
  5. Now you have all the elements to tackle the “Load the Data” topic. This will drive you across different TTAs and Crumbs spread in different catalog.

  6. At this point go back  to the Administration Catalog. Here you should complete the Admin tutorial first and then navigate through the optimization tutorials. This will help you to talk with developers and troubleshoot.