E-learning path: The Board newbie Developer

Blog Post created by gbiondi Employee on Apr 3, 2018

What's the best way to structure your learning path?


We have identified some paths tailored upon some Job Role samples, here there are some suggestions for Board newbie Developers.


  1. Start from the first two Tutorials of the Administration Catalog.

    When your Board Client is up and running, download some samples from the Resources section (Wiki) of this Community and walk through the Application Screens. If you're working on Cloud, jump to the Cloud Tutorials and understand how the Cloud environment works.
  2. While doing this enjoy the TTAs of the User Experience Catalog. Navigate the data at your fingertips and familiarize with the Workspace.

  3. It’s time to move on to the Database Modelling Catalogue. Narrow your search to those “must watch” videos. Do and re-do a couple of times, alternating tutorials and simple exercises. If you are working with the full web client, have a dive into the look and feel of the new Data Model Web Designer. It is also important to understand how to share data through Cloud.

  4. Before digging into the Business Cases have a look at the first tutorials of the Capsule Design. It’s likely at this stage you will come to realize Board development life is much more advanced and interesting than expected. Don’t expect to understand everything, diversions on unexplored TTA are likely to happen in most of the Business Cases.

  5. Now you have the foundations to watch the Capsule Design video-set. A full immersion is not mandatory however, leave the “Data-Entry” for the next round: it’s a different challenge and you make take some time to get the Capsule paradigm first.
  6. When you believe are ready (or need) explore the Data-Entry tutorials. They are very connected with the Procedure tutorials so you will be “naturally” driven to have a look at them too.
  7. Focus on the Data-Flow tutorial and leave the others for later. Doing some practicing at this stage is mandatory.


Finally complete your knowledge with the other Admin tutorials (Security’s is mandatory). Optimization Tutorial are interesting as well, but leave them after some training on the Job.