E-learning path: the Board User

Blog Post created by gbiondi Employee on Apr 3, 2018

What's the best way to structure your learning path?


We have identified some paths tailored upon some Job Role samples, here there are some suggestions for Board Users.


  1. Depending if you are a Win or Web Client User start from the related tutorial in the User’s Experience Catalog, or in the Web Experience Catalog.
  2. Next it’s important to understand how to interact with data (regardless the Client you’re using) .
  3. Whilst you are doing this take some time to understand the Security model.
  4. Even if you not assigned to Board development tasks, understanding the data-model bricks will be a big assistance in your self-service analysis and help you articulate any requests you may have for enhancements to your Board developers.
  5. Next, focus on export & print, the edit layout possibilities and finally the benefit of the MS Excel add-in. In addition, have a look at the Web Report course in the Web Experience Catalogue.
  6. If you are a Power User knowing the Capsule Paradigm is a must to watch. Gradually extend your knowledge to the entire Capsule Object Parade.