e-Learning Board exercises

Blog Post created by sbartolazzi Employee on May 8, 2018

Dear all,


regarding the question Exercises available?


I would like to give you some insights of what you can expect from the new exercises tutorial, that will be available soon!


The step by step tutorial will be structured as a business scenario, with different exercises to be solved in sequence.

The aim of this new tutorial will be to understand how Board works in a very practical way, strengthening the link between technical and business context.

The exercises will be structured with an increasing level of difficulty, and will be linked together. The next exercise could be approached only once the former one has been completed.

Each exercise will be provided with a specific learning path, helping the trainee to catch all the needed knowledge before approaching the exercises.


If you have any question about e-Learning please let me know, I'll be glad to give you more information!


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