E-learning exercises catalog - Capsule Design

Blog Post created by sbartolazzi Employee on Oct 12, 2018

This catalogue is designed for people who are completely new to Board and are interested in understanding how to create a Board BI Application.

Each exercise is logically linked to a specific section of the Board Product Tutorial. In the exercise test you can find the reference to the related TTA within the Tutorial, helping you to switch easily from theory to practice.

The exercises are designed to be self-sustainable; every exercise has a video solution that the Learners can use to check if the solution they found is correct.


The available exercises are as followed:

  • Capsule Creation (XP01)
  • Screen Creation (XP02)
  • Mask Creation (XP03)
  • Sitemap & Menu Creation (XP04)
  • Screen Selection (XP05)
  • Layout: Blocks, Algorithms, Axes (XP06)
  • Dataview: The Drill Function (XP07)
  • Time Functions (XP08)
  • Layout Alerting (XP09)
  • Layout Options (XP10)
  • Dataview Formatting (XP11)
  • Block References: Detail by (XP12)
  • Block References: Refer to (XP13)
  • Object Selection (XP14)
  • Pager (XP15)
  • Selector (XP16)
  • Button (XP17)
  • Master Layout (XP18)
  • Chart Creation: Standard Chart (XP19)
  • Time Selectors: Calendar (XP20)
  • Time Selectors: TimeBar (XP21)
  • Chart Creation: Heatmap (XP22)
  • Chart Creation: Treemap (XP23)
  • Chart Creation: Geomap (XP24)
  • Chart Creation: Geomap (2) (XP25)
  • Chart Creation: Geomap (3) (XP26)