eLearning basic Exercises are officially available!

Blog Post created by sbartolazzi Employee on Oct 12, 2018

Dear All, 


we are pleased to announce that the first part of the Exercises environment is available!


Starting from now, you can find two different catalogues within the eLearning Platform (boardeducation), that cover the basic part of the Exercise environment.

These two catalogues have been created in combination with the Board Product Tutorial, in particular the courses Database Modelling and Capsule Design.


By doing the Database Modelling Catalogue, you will have the opportunity to familiarize with the main features related to the Database Creation. By doing the exercises you will be driven through all the steps necessary to create a new Board Database.

By doing the Capsule Design Catalogue, you will be supported, in a driven manner, in the creation of you first BI Application.



Each course is organized into three different parts.



Firstly (1), you should look at the Board Exercises_General Information tutorial, which explains how to do the exercises. After this, you can download the Exercises List (2), plus the Required Documents, and try to solve the exercises on your own. If you are not able to do them, or you wish to look at the recommended solution, you can look at the Video Solutions (3).


If you have any question about eLearning please let me know, I'll be glad to give you more information!


Kind regards,