Board eLearning: new catalogues online!

Blog Post created by sbartolazzi Employee on May 31, 2019

Dear all,


I’m pleased to announce that our eLearning content offering has been enriched with two new catalogues, the Web Experience and Cloud Management. They’re now online!


The first catalogue (Web Experience) is conceived to provide all the necessary information to successfully approach to the new WEB Designer. You will understand how to convert existing capsules to be Board 10.5 ready and how to create and manage new capsules in the Web environment. You will also do a dive into the Data Model web designer, understanding how to build your Data Model directly on the WEB. Then you will familiarise yourself with all the Administrative tools, and explore interesting features such as the XBRL Reporting and the powerful Broadcasting options. You will also understand how to build and print a web report, and how report subscriptions work.


The second catalogue (Cloud Management) is conceived to provide a step by step tutorial that drives you through the Cloud activation process and provides you with a complete overview of the Cloud Admin Portal functions, with some tips for best practices on how to share files and work through the Board Cloud.


Both courses are available in the eLearning Platform. You can reach them by directly clicking here


Hope it helps!