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Hi Everyone,   i'm trying to replicate in Nexel the following excel formula:   =MATCH(TRUE;INDEX((B2:B8>A2);0);0)   The objective is to obtain the row number of a range where a condition is met for the first time. In the example attached i'm looking to find in the range (B2:B6) the first row where the value is ">1000" (A2), so the 4th.   I… (Show more)
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Hello everybody,   When we try to start Board Mailer Services, we get the following even in our event log, and the service crashes. All the other board services start without any problems.   We're using windows server 2012 R2 std 64x.    Any help is appreciated.     Application: Board.Mailer.Service.exeFramework Version:… (Show more)
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Currently we can't change the alignment of the Header of the first column in a typical Board reports. See attached screenshot for illustration.
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Click to view contentPreviously in the BOARD client, I was able to use suggested values based on an entity and limit the users selection to the selection made on screen.   For example, select in BOARD:   And suggested value data entry:   However, with the same setting on the web client, the whole entity can still be selected from if the user scrolls down on the… (Show more)
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Hi all I've seen this discussion earlier: Screen URL - Open Screen after Login (WEB Client)  We have two buttons on our screen, each for another screen (opened with an URL). If we #hide the #screenlist in the capsule properties, the URL will not work anymore and you will get redirected to the start-screen of this capsule. Is there any chance to… (Show more)
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Hi,   When you use the board web client there is an option to enable/disable the inline menu from the user menu. The inline menu is disabled by default, and you can enable it, but you have to do it every time you log in to Board Web. Is it posible, if the user has enabled it once, to keep the inline menu enabled?     Thanks in advance and… (Show more)
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Click to view contentHi All,   I want to show the contribution % at every level of my axes. and at each Parent level it should show 100% and then show the breakup of that 100% among is children. (at min 3 Levels)   We can get this is excel by using % of Parent Total from the Pivot Table option. Can we get something by using Nexel or Column algorithm, where we… (Show more)
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Hi All,   In version 10.3, I am using a column algorithm that pulls a value from one of two hidden data blocks, with reverse data entry into one of those data blocks. While it seems to pull the initial value correctly, I cannot seem to save the data entry on the hidden block and the values never update.   Do reverse algorithms only work when the… (Show more)
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Good Morning, I am doing a stock project where I need that the weeks that belong to two months. I don’t know what is the best way  to force BOARD, with a check in a layout or with a process or with something that I know right now, put the data in the month that I need.   For example: week 44 of the year 2019, belongs to October and November. As… (Show more)
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Good morning!   Is it possible to edit the whole drill down graphic layout? I can only change the colour from seperate blocks but I would like to change the whole layout colour.   Cheers, Maxi
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