• Web broadcasting 10.5

    After upgrading Board to 10.5 I'd like to use broadcasting from web client. I can create a new Broadcast without problems. But it sends no mail to the receivers and I can't find error messages or logs.   I ...
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  • configure Board.Mailer.Service.exe.config

    Hello Davide Genini, I would like to comment this document: Board Mailer Service (version 3), but i don't see any comment features at the bottom at the document as i am used to see it, e.g. in How to setup Microsoft ...
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  • B11.1 web error message "The client application is not known or is not authorized"

    Hello,   I am trying to connect to my Board Web server from a remote computer and the web page gives this error message: The client application is not known or is not authorized   note that, when using t...
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  • Migration to Board 10.5 Version

    Hi Community,   I am searching some informations about the process of migration to a Board 10.5 version from a Board 10.1 version. Does anyone have any experiences to share or a list of guidelines to follow...
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  • Can't access downloads

    Hi,   I am unable to view downloads in the board community portal. This is the error I get: Username: lasheen Email: lasheen.lartey@brookes-scs.com I am looking to upgrade from Board 10.3 to 10.5.1, ...
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  • Not able to download software !!!

    I am not able to download even after changing my profile to customer.    Thanks in advance for your help Regards Djega
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  • DB Security & Custom selection script

    Hi has anyone experience with intensive use of the functionality on the title?   I'm currently using the dynamic script @user in a couple of cases, but I would extend its use on other cases and on static select...
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  • Sample Files for Taxonomies Manager

    Hello,   This is my first post to the community.   Are there any sample files for the v11 Taxonomies Manager? I'd like a sample XML and XSD to help me format my imports.   Thanks, Nigel
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  • SAP Connector error after upgrade

    Hope someone can help   Previously installed version   Now installed last version   queries does not work anymore, here is a simple extraction from MARA table, errors from log f...
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  • Load data from MsSql 2016 database

    Hi, i need to read data from mssql 2016 /mysql / As400 database, i have create a new connection via Odbc and Olap, but board return this message:  The check connection is ok...   I have a demo full licen...
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  • How to run Board Service under a domain account?

    Which are the requirements for an windows account to run Board Service. Thank you, Vasile Minea
  • launching client on rdp

    Hello everybody, We work in a mixed enviroment. Some users have Mac, so I installed Board client on Windows RDP session, where we have our ERP. As we upgraded Board to 10.3.x, we can only launch board client on RDP ...
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  • SAP BW / Board connection - issue on data read preview

    Hello   I've succesfully tested a connection from SAP BW to BOARD using the trial version of the SAP Connector, but:   1) From the BOARD Connector Designer I can see the preview of the query but in Board ...
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  • Crossview values disappears after Board engine restart

    Hello Team,   Earlier i posted question regarding Crossview  Values getting disappeared but that has not been answered yet but i investigated further on this and have found that Values are disappearing afte...
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  • Is it possible to kick off Board (Cloud) Data Loader using powershell?

    Hi guys,   I have a client who runs BOARD in the cloud and am trying to trigger a Stored procedure (Data Loader) using a PowerShell script which i would like to schedule using the clients enterprise scheduling so...
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  • Not able to save or create procedures

    Hi   I am creating procedures and was renaming a few.  Then I was suddenly not able to save the one I was working on: "The server is not responding or does not trust your user´s domain.  Please c...
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  • The auto-update does not work unless the user has admin rights on their PC.  We do not want to grant admin rights over a period of weeks or more while they get around to upgrading their client as this poses an unacceptable security risk.

    Hi, We have upgraded our board server to When installing the clients we selected the "#auto update" option. For users that have administrative rights on their workstation, the auto update usuall...
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  • Anonymous Web User

    How can I correctly set up the anonymous web user? I have already tried the suggested settings, but after the service is restarted the home page is not loaded. By resetting the anonymous user as false in appSetting.c...
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  • Board 10.3.0 -> Web -> Limitations Excel Export & displaying graphics/ diagrams & interactive selection

    Hello dear Board Team There are several limitations with the Excel Export and displaying graphics/ diagrams with the new version 10.3.0 Excample:  - An error occurs if there is a special character in the ...
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  • About service level check

    Hello   has anyone tried this option? I have CMS licenses so it could be useful!   The Board Win or Web Client, if inactive is disconnected after 60mins; this happens only if you put the setting <Licen...
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