• Using Windows Groups and ~db

    Hello all,   When using windows groups to create users dynamically, it seems that the users are created as firstname.lastname, without the domain qualifier in front (e.g. DOMAIN\FirstName.LastName) This presents...
    created by chefcore
  • What exactly is a security critcal procedure?

    Hi,   I ask myself, what exactly is a "security critical" procedure (step)?     I know i.e. that export and server side command are one of those security critical steps. But is there some kind of li...
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  • Broadcasting Error Message

    Hi BOARD community   When a user is trying to save the Broadcasting functionality, an error message sometimes appears:      Does that mean that a user needs to have admin rights to ad...
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  • BOARD 10.2 and 10.3

    Hi, I'm not sure, wether this is the right place for this question. On the roadmap at Boardville in Baveno, Pietro announced BOARD 10.2 for May 2018 and 10.3 for July 2018. Currently 10.1.4 is the latest version. Is ...
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  • BOARD WinClient Not Auto-Connecting to Server through .bat Command

    Good morning!   I am currently trying to run a .bat file through Windows Task Scheduler to launch a Capsule that triggers a nested Call Procedure which then runs a series of Date Readers, Refresh reporting ...
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  • hide or make more discreet the procedure running window in web client

    Hi everybody,   I guess the answer is no, but i would like to see whether other users have this question. Is it possible to modify (reduce size, remove the "processing" text etc...) the pop-up window which appe...
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  • status of BOARD knowledge base

    Hi everybody,   What is the current official status and place of BOARD knowledge base ? I cannot find a few document on the community.board.com website.   on the one hand From the official page (Link), the...
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  • Setting up security for hundreds of users

    For a large number of users, is there a way to quickly and easily setup the security access rights rather than doing it one by one manually?   Is there a template that can be uploaded into BOARD or can we impor...
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  • "The given key was not present in the dictionary" error

    Hi community,   The following error message shows up when trying to access a specific database:   "The given key was not present in the dictionary".   It is not possible to access the DB, and the cap...
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  • Execution time in database logs

    Hi everyone, We noticed a few months back, while analyzing the performance of our data loading processes, that the information available in the logs was not always accurate. Yesterday I noticed a strange behavior: i...
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  • InfoCube Checksum not 100%

    Hello, Why is the Chksum less than 100% for certain Infocube versions after loading a database? Should it not be 100% for all versions? Why could it be smaller for some versions?   Thanks in advance,
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  • Disable "edit/configure layout" in HTML5

    Hi, i was wondering if it is possible to disable the possibility for end users to modify the layouts and change axes and/or contents displayed in the HTML5 screens. I know this is a valuable and important feature fo...
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  • TCP Tunnelling

    I am being asked to connect to an Amazon RDS instance via an ssh key and TCP tunnelling. The question is do we support this and how is it to be achieved?  My understanding is that ssh TCP Tunnelling kind of repla...
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  • Web users activity log

    Hi, are there activity logs that i can access (as an admin or as normal user) that show pages accessed by URL? We want to track exactly which pages users are opening. If not by default, is there an option somew...
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  • Data visibility and security

    Hi all, i have a single capsule which shows the data for different companies/reporting units. Is there a way to segment and limit the visibility per user and apply security on the same capsule? How do i apply that?...
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  • Disable Web Client Menu Options

    Hello, How do we disable the "Open Menu", the 3 horizontal bars icon, in the web client? The menu choices provide multiple functions that we do not want our users to have such as: "Open Select Window" and "Go To Hom...
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  • Error Message: Software Key Mismatch

    Hello, I copied a registered software key from one portable computer to another. I have defined it in the Server path and when starting the BOARD Service/WinClient I receive the error message "Software Key mismatch"....
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