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Click to view contentHello all,   It seems that when using the data picker functionality in a layout (using Nexel rather than Rules), that if a detail by is used on a block the entity being detailed by is ignored, and the total is displayed for every item. In a simple example, if I set a single rule for a block to be "=@[V001]" , and then put Entity1 on the column,… (Show more)
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Hi, when i try to embed a capsule in my website using iframe, the left side menu still appears. Using it, users have access to other screens. Is there a way to view a capsule in my site page without viewing the left sidebar of the BOARD web interface preventing free navigation among screens? Thanks,
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Hi all,   I was looking a bit around on YouTube for BOARD demos and I stumbled upon following video: Self Service Business Intelligence - BOARD Cube - YouTube    As you can see between minutes 10 and 13, the presenter uses a map of the United States, split up in zones with values and colours adjusting interactively based on the screen selection.… (Show more)
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Hi,   I am following the e-learning steps to install the Board software. This is on a local desktop. I have successfully installed the server, set up the first user and installed the client. However when I try to connect with the client (using Administrator) the dialog box briefly flashes "Connecting..." but then goes straight back to the login… (Show more)
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