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Hi, i need publish my capsules en WEB, i know is old versión but i hope can you help me. My version is 9.0.1 !!   Thanks people 
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Click to view contentA customer is asking for a way to customize (i.e. Board logo and/or background image) the logon page displayed by Board 10 Web Server:   Thanks! Pietro
in Configure BOARD
need help enabling enable windows authentication on board 11
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Click to view contentHello together   We have now installed the newest version of Board 11 in a development environement and imported our data to the new plattform for test reasons.    Now I have a question about a calculation in a procedure. In Board 10.3 it works fine, but the configuration of "Dataflows" in Board 11 is a bit diffrent. I just calculate a… (Show more)
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Good morning team, I need to install board 11 but do not find documentation for that subject, please help me?
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Click to view contentHello,   is it possible to define a security profile that is based on a dynamic selection on cube and capsule level? I would like users to see only certain projects in different capsules. Therefore I created a cube with three dimensions: User, Project, Capsule. The Capsule entity is the same name as the capsules in my system. 1. In the user… (Show more)
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