• Dynamic Selection on Screen

    Hello everyone,   I have a query regarding multiple dynamic selection on one Screen: I have several charts, KPIs and data sets on one screen. Some of those should have a filter on the currenty Year, some curren...
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  • How to save changes in hierarchies?

    I need to store and navigate the changes i have in my Customer hierarchy.  In our business, each Customer is assigned a Salesperson, and this is replicated into our BOARD data model where the entity "Salesr...
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  • Dynamic Selection on 2 entities

    I am trying to create a dynamic selection based upon the intersection of two non-related entities (assume salesperson and customer) such that when a salesperson is selected from a pager the dynamic selection will show...
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  • Overriding Board total for specific Dataview items

    This is probably a stupid question, so I apologize in advance. I am building a Dataview for an income statement where months are shown as columns with an annual total. Some of the members of the income...
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  • How do I toggle the Presentation feature back on?

    The Presentation menu does not appear in our development system but is available in Production.  Have checked the documentation and can not find any options to toggle it on and off.  I suspect ...
  • Design of a waterfall chart ?

    Hi Guys,   I’m struggling with the design of the following waterfall (cf. image attached). It has been done with Excel, and I’d like to do the same in Board, but haven’t found yet how to do it....
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  • User Picture Board 10.5. Web HTML5

    Hello together Actually I'm not able to ad an image to a profil of a user in Board 10.5.   Does anyone know how I can add it? Or do we have to configure something on the server?   Many thanks and kind...
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  • ¿How publish Board 9.01 versión in WEB?

    Hi, i need publish my capsules en WEB, i know is old versión but i hope can you help me. My version is 9.0.1 !!   Thanks people 
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  • Board 11 procedure calculation

    Hello together   We have now installed the newest version of Board 11 in a development environement and imported our data to the new plattform for test reasons.    Now I have a question about a calcul...
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  • Board 11 - Drill down on block

    Hello,   is it possible to set a drill down on a block in Board 11 like in previous versions? Unfortunately, I can't find this option anywhere in the dataview settings.   BR, Andreas
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  • Is there a way to customize web logon page?

    A customer is asking for a way to customize (i.e. Board logo and/or background image) the logon page displayed by Board 10 Web Server:   Thanks! Pietro
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  • Where I find documentation to install Board 11

    Good morning team, I need to install board 11 but do not find documentation for that subject, please help me?
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  • enable windows authentication

    need help enabling enable windows authentication on board 11
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  • DB Security - dynamic selection on Cube and Capsule

    Hello,   is it possible to define a security profile that is based on a dynamic selection on cube and capsule level? I would like users to see only certain projects in different capsules. Therefore I created a c...
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  • detail by with data picker

    Hello all,   It seems that when using the data picker functionality in a layout (using Nexel rather than Rules), that if a detail by is used on a block the entity being detailed by is ignored, and the total is d...
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  • Disable left menu in HTML5 iframe

    Hi, when i try to embed a capsule in my website using iframe, the left side menu still appears. Using it, users have access to other screens. Is there a way to view a capsule in my site page without viewing&...
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  • How to create a zone map?

    Hi all,   I was looking a bit around on YouTube for BOARD demos and I stumbled upon following video: Self Service Business Intelligence - BOARD Cube - YouTube    As you can see between minutes 10 and ...
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  • Problems logging in via client after initial install

    Hi,   I am following the e-learning steps to install the Board software. This is on a local desktop. I have successfully installed the server, set up the first user and installed the client. However when I try t...
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  • drill anywhere to successive bubble charts

    Hello,   I would like to know whether and how i can implement the following drill path: initial situation: bubble chart with 1 entity by row (EntityA) I double click on 1 bubble and come to a 2nd bubble chart ...
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  • radar area chart: different axis position between Win and Web ?

    Hello everybody,   Has anyone used radar area chart ? I face a different behaviour between windows and web client, and haven't seen it in the dedicated help page: Differences between web client and win client...
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