• Board 11 procedure calculation

    Hello together   We have now installed the newest version of Board 11 in a development environement and imported our data to the new plattform for test reasons.    Now I have a question about a calcul...
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  • Board 11 - Drill down on block

    Hello,   is it possible to set a drill down on a block in Board 11 like in previous versions? Unfortunately, I can't find this option anywhere in the dataview settings.   BR, Andreas
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  • ¿How publish Board 9.01 versión in WEB?

    Hi, i need publish my capsules en WEB, i know is old versión but i hope can you help me. My version is 9.0.1 !!   Thanks people 
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  • Is there a way to customize web logon page?

    A customer is asking for a way to customize (i.e. Board logo and/or background image) the logon page displayed by Board 10 Web Server:   Thanks! Pietro
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  • Where I find documentation to install Board 11

    Good morning team, I need to install board 11 but do not find documentation for that subject, please help me?
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  • enable windows authentication

    need help enabling enable windows authentication on board 11
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  • DB Security - dynamic selection on Cube and Capsule

    Hello,   is it possible to define a security profile that is based on a dynamic selection on cube and capsule level? I would like users to see only certain projects in different capsules. Therefore I created a c...
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  • detail by with data picker

    Hello all,   It seems that when using the data picker functionality in a layout (using Nexel rather than Rules), that if a detail by is used on a block the entity being detailed by is ignored, and the total is d...
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  • Disable left menu in HTML5 iframe

    Hi, when i try to embed a capsule in my website using iframe, the left side menu still appears. Using it, users have access to other screens. Is there a way to view a capsule in my site page without viewing&...
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  • How to create a zone map?

    Hi all,   I was looking a bit around on YouTube for BOARD demos and I stumbled upon following video: Self Service Business Intelligence - BOARD Cube - YouTube    As you can see between minutes 10 and ...
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  • Problems logging in via client after initial install

    Hi,   I am following the e-learning steps to install the Board software. This is on a local desktop. I have successfully installed the server, set up the first user and installed the client. However when I try t...
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  • drill anywhere to successive bubble charts

    Hello,   I would like to know whether and how i can implement the following drill path: initial situation: bubble chart with 1 entity by row (EntityA) I double click on 1 bubble and come to a 2nd bubble chart ...
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  • radar area chart: different axis position between Win and Web ?

    Hello everybody,   Has anyone used radar area chart ? I face a different behaviour between windows and web client, and haven't seen it in the dedicated help page: Differences between web client and win client...
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  • Replicate a database

    Hi Guys,   On a Board server, I want to replicate a capsule + database so that Power users can play with the application without modifying the live one.   I copied the capsule and renamed it as Capsule_tra...
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  • Folder Container display

    Hi Guys,   I created a folder container that takes most part of a screen. When I click a tab of the container, the screen is bottom-right aligned, whereas I'd like it to be top-left aligned.    I didn...
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  • Capsule Translation - Board Web Client

    Hi Guys,   Does somebody know if capsule translation for the Web Client will be available in a future release ? And if so, which one ?   In the meantime, what would you recommend (best practice) for multi-...
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  • Silent Installation BOARD Server

    Hello,   I'd like to install Board Server in silent mode without GUI, just over command line. Is this possible? If so, how can I do that?   Thank you in advance.   Kind regards Andreas
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  • treemap chart: colours seems incorrect (positive values only)

    Hi everybody,   I try to setup a simple treemap chart, and i can't get a correct background colour of the single tiles, when i compare the colour with a dataview having the same layout as the treemap. I guess I...
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  • Dynamic selection in procedure

    Hi Community,   I'm struggling with a procedure I'm creating. I ask the user to select a month and I do a dataflow using this month. Then I need to get the month following the selected month if not December. I...
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  • Problem filttring on a cube

    Hello,   I have a cube Reporting Group with 3 dimensions : Month, Company and Group chart of accounts[R].   Group chart of accounts[R] is the replicate of Group chart of accounts which is in the follo...
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