• Dynamic selection in procedure

    Hi Community,   I'm struggling with a procedure I'm creating. I ask the user to select a month and I do a dataflow using this month. Then I need to get the month following the selected month if not December. I...
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  • Problem filttring on a cube

    Hello,   I have a cube Reporting Group with 3 dimensions : Month, Company and Group chart of accounts[R].   Group chart of accounts[R] is the replicate of Group chart of accounts which is in the follo...
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  • loading a JSON file into BOARD database

    Hi,   Has anyone already experienced loading a json local file directly into a BOARD database ? If yes, could you describe roughly the technical way to do it ?   Thanks in advance,
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  • bubble chart object: what is the meaning of X and Y Positions?

    Could someone explain the meaning of X and Y Positions in the settings of a bubble chart object ? What are they for ? what happens if I set X position = 1000 and Y position = -25 ?   the help.board.com doesn't...
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  • Data entry on totals for column algorithm

    Hi, I have a dataview with two infocubes and a column algorithm c=a/b with summary algorithm calculated. On the row axis there are aggregated entity and the data entry is enabled. It is possible to write on the deepes...
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  • which logic is used for bubbles' colour in bubble chart?

    Hello,   I try to understand how the colours of the single bubbles are determined in a bubble chart. What is the logic behind the colours ? I make an example. I have numeric values, actual and plan for sold qua...
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  • population pyramid chart: value markers improperly placed

    Hi,   I need to build population pyramid charts, and I meet the following issue: the value marker is placed improperly when the chart uses the option switch orientation combined with the option is Inverse for th...
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  • Clarification needed regarding BOARD on mobile devices

    Hi everybody,   I am confused with the several options I have heard and read about which allow to consume BOARD applications on a mobile device. I mean no only tablet, but also smartphone.   Can the commun...
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  • Access to a large number of tables in sql

    I'm having an issue with a large sql database connected with BOARD that when the user scrolls through the tables available, it doesn't show all of the tables - it cuts off. Showing this:   Scrolled all the way d...
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  • managing scales of several different charts

    Hello everybody,   Does anyone know how to manage the scales of several different charts in BOARD ? In the example below: there are 3 different graph objects and 1 pager object the KPI 1 and 2 have close valu...
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  • setup colors code in charts from the legend

    Hello,   Could anyone help me to setup a color code from a chart legend ? I don't understand the BOARD error message saying "not a valid HEX string" (see pictures below) However #29D5FF is an hexadecimal strin...
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  • Board server 10.1.4 upgrade

    Hi community, after uninstalling board serrver 10.1.0 and reinstalling the latest one 10.1.4, the databses are conserved in c:\Board......, but after launching the same old conncetion in my latest board server localho...
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  • Dynamic Block Headings

    Hello, our users want the block heading to be dynamic. Is there any way I can go about changing a block heading through procedure or dynamically based on conditions and/or selection?  For example what we often ...
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  • applying an entity select to trellis object

    Hello everybody,   Is it possible to apply a select on the entity which is set as the "pivot" entity of a trellis object like in this example ?   Let's say: I have twelve months in my screen select, a ...
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  • Data Changes

    Hello Currently we are currently using a SQL data reader and loading data once a day. How do we set up board to load only data changes throughout the day. Thanks Alex
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  • server-side command in a procedure does not run the script

    Hello,   I experiment a strange behaviour using the server-side command within a procedure   I have two .bat files within the /Board/Job folder ListFiles.bat MergeFiles.bat   both are called at the...
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  • block-specific cell border color within a dataview: how ?

    Hi everybody, In a dataview, i try to have different colors (for each block) in terms of cell borders. A parameter for cell border is also nice to have. I don't find where to set this up. I have looked there: Datavi...
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  • Top Bar in iFrame when navigating to other screens

    When navigating to another screen with clicking on the button, the Top bar is reappears itself again. (See screenshot below)      Aim would be to hide the #top bar permanently - not reappearing afte...
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  • Pronto Connector API

    Just wondering if anyone in the Community has connected BOARD to Pronto (Xi 740) using the Pronto Connect API?   We're just wondering what issues you may have encountered or if it was pretty straight forward?
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  • Copy Layout from a dataview to a chart - error

    Hello, I always get an error when I try to copy a dataview layout to a chart. Instead of the info box I only see a white box and have to break of with escape (or that's it). My colleagues have no problems with that...
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