• Empty or Invalid Selection

    Hi Guys,    I have a set of cubes that I extract and reload as part of my overnight refresh. When I reload the cubes and I use "Select entity based on cube" - I get the error message saying "empty or Invali...
    created by emmanuelaa
  • Performance of a Progress JDBC Driver in a C2P architecture

    Hi,   question to community:   I have a Progress JDBC connector installed on Cloud, and I can't optimize data transfer with Progress options. I have a Board Cloud Application connected to a Oracle On...
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  • Rename Drill Through columns

    Dear all,   I would kindly ask you if it is possible to rename columns name in Drill Through. As the picture attached below you could see that some columns have Column1, Column2..., these are the fields correspo...
    last modified by g.vialetto
  • Navigating from one capsule to a specific screen in another capsule

    Hi All,   I am trying to find a way to navigate from one capsule (A) to another capsule (B) but instead of landing on the default screen of capsule B I want to navigate to a specific screen within that...
    last modified by mitch4
  • Cell's Tooltip Comment on the Web

    Hi all, wondering if in the web browser (Version 10.6) is it still possible to edit a comment when the linked text cube is a tooltip of a value cell? In the windows client it was possible, wondering if this still a...
    created by fioeucc
  • How to feed an entity of a cube with values originating from different entities of the same cube.

    Good morning, I have a "budget" cube with "month / expense item / cost center" entities. For a specific item of expense (example purchases) I have to upload a value calculated on a% basis relative to other items of ex...
    created by sandrocarosso
  • Review process for Idea : Feedback

    Hello fellow Board community member and Board Employee,   TL;DR : We need more official feedback on ideas!   I know about the post linked at the end and that there is Board program - which I forgot the nam...
    last modified by nicolasc
  • values mismatch in layout settings and dashboard ?

    Hello all,   I have report which works absolutely fine in Desktop version but if the same is opened from web version the values do not match , however if we open the Layout in web version the values displayed ar...
    last modified by malav
  • How to judge the list from Pager is selected?

    Dear Expert,  I have a problem need to handle. I use one pager to display Sales-company list, if I select one sales company and then input the data view, I will save the data by "save" button. I want to avoid...
    last modified by shomei.shin
  • user filter

    Hi, Is it possible for a user to save his filter settings? We have users here who have to need to make the same filter selection every time they open a report, for example, they want to filter select a couple of depa...
    last modified by rjvkuppeveld
  • Prevent DataView Hamburger Menu from Auto Expanding

    Is there any way to stop the hamburger menu in the top-left corner of the menu from auto-expanding when you click on a cell in the table?  It's really annoying and invasive.  The menu is there.  I know ...
    last modified by mark.schad
  • Label : display entity code instead of name

    Dear all,   I'm trying to display an entity selection in a label. This entity is set to display the descrition by defaut. @Entity then displays the description of the members.   I've tried seleral things ...
    last modified by ngenestar@synvance.com
  • How to migrate user's presentations from 10.3 to 10.5.1 ?

    Dear community, did anyone try to migrate from 10.3 to 10.5.1 with the new capsule format, and what was the impact on the user's presentations ? Does it break everything ? Or is there any workaround to maintain them ...
    last modified by ecausse
  • print multiple pages

    Hi, In the web client, it is now very easy to build a report, however, we have reports which contain a data view with a scrollbar because it doesn't fit on one page e.g. a profit and loss report with a couple of hund...
    last modified by rjvkuppeveld
  • How can I print/export several data views from one screen to one page/one tab?

    Hello,   I have a screen with several data views and would like to be able to print the entire screen on one page or be able to extract it in Excel on one tab rather than several?   Is this possible in BOA...
    last modified by franziska.brandenburger
  • How To Add New Entity Members From Data View On HTML5 Client

    To enable users to insert new entity member without letting them access the databade, I used to enable the option insert new member from the settings of a data view. This option then allowed me to click on the insert ...
    last modified by carlottaf
  • Top 5 Filter in Chart (Board 10.1.2.)

    Hi Boardville,   I have some problems with a Chart I would like to create.   The chart should display costs by project and week. I have data of around 50 projects but I only want the top 5 to be display...
    last modified by awaker
  • Algorithm not working on a layout

    Hi everybody!   I am trying to figure out why a chart that I see normally on the Client does not show up on the web. When I try to load the layout it shows the message:" Oops! An error occurred".    ...
    last modified by carlottaf
  • Bug : Ver 10.6: Crossview fails , Board in faulted state, when Special characters used in Layout title.

    Hello All,   After our recent upgrade to 10.6 we are facing tremendous trouble with reports which were developed in version 10.3.   Now the recent problem is with crossview , when use special characters li...
    last modified by malav
  • how to do mobile to developer user?

    Cannot allocate an additional license for this user. All licenses of this type have already been assigned.
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