• Problems with mask Board 11

    Hi community,    I'm trying the new version of Board 11. For the migrate, I don't have any problems with the database, but every time I try to change a mask that was already created, board shows an error a...
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  • Searching this forum never returns results.  Does anyone else have this problem?

    For example if I search for something like cube I still get the result of    Forums No results. Resources No results. Other No results.
  • B11 vs StandAlone partner licenses

    Hello   With the full web approach it seems stand alone licenses, commonly used by partners, are no more working.   How they can connect ?
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  • Menu Bar Bug in Web (Board 10.1.2)

    Hi Board Community,   I have got some problems with the Capsule SiteMap (Menu Bar) in the web.  I use the following structure:   The first group "Financial" are displayed with these settings: ...
    created by awaker
  • 10.5 menu

    Hallo Citizens,   after converting a 10.1 capsule into the new web version of 10.5 I cannot set the menu object properly. It only allows me to set up "Root" as path. I cannot set up a "site map" as I used to...
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  • Unable to login @BOARD 11

    I have installed board 11  web client and server , Created the first user and when i m trying to login using that first user  its throwing an error.   Please do the needful help.Björn ReuberG...
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  • Select Period Options

    Hi Boardville,   I would like to show the following information on the same screen in tables or graphs in Board: The upper table show total headcount by Company for the last two years by quarter. This table s...
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  • Code Incrementation

    Hello citizens, i'd like to know if there is a way to incremente the code automatically every time we read a line on csv Files Example: Entity Project contains 10 Items , and we are attempting to read 10 lines from...
    created by fethi
  • Add a mask to a existing screen 10.5

    I can't find the action to add a mask to a existing screen. Once you've created a new screen at browser without choosing a mask, for me it's impossible to add a mask afterwards.   Where can I find this action? &...
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  • Deleting entity members in Board 11

    Hi Fellow community members,   In Board 10, deleting entity members was/is against best practice.   Has this changed in Board 11? I reckoned this might be the case since also the max item# property is not ...
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  • Board 11 - Select one member only

    Not a really a question - more a tip. Don't make the same mistake I did!  In Board 11 you are able to restrict Selectors to one member.  If you want to make this a permanent change to the screen for all use...
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  • pinboard in the web

    Hi, In the board client users can select a dataview and place it in their shopping cart. Lite and Lite + users can change the dataview stored in their shopping cart, select other entities or cubes or convert a datav...
    created by rjvkuppeveld
  • percentage

    Hello citizens  is there a way to display percentage which updates deppending on the regroupments of the layout based on down total of every expanding level in the layout? Thank you!
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  • domain user

    Hi to all, there is a way to show in a label the current domain user?   Thank   Paolo
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  • Community Search function

    There appears to be an issue with the Search function on the community website.  It is very intermittent in returning results.  Sometimes it will, sometimes it won't, such as the snips.  I've tried...
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  • Reverse entities

    Hello everyone,  i'd like to know if there is a trick in order to reverse entities.   Details:  Product : is a Tree where Brand is a parent   so i'm displaying my cube + Entity Brand in order t...
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  • 10.5 patch release

    According to the latest patch release for 10.5 here .... "A malfunction on the Recent Documents on the Win Client has been fixed"   I've advised our client to update for this fix, but it doesn't appea...
    created by bbroughton
  • Nexel Writeback Configuration

    Hi all,   I was wondering if anyone could please explain what do the two settings below control when enabling Nexel Writeback and in which order do we select them.     As per the Board Help Guide: ...
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  • Broadcasting Web Client

    Dear all,   does anyone has experince with broadcasting in web client? We want to send a user an email after her submits data trough BOARD. (Just to give him a clear confirmation that we recieved his data.) ...
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  • Using @EntityCode instead of @EntityName in screens

    Is there a way to display entities values in a screen using the OID of the entity instead of @EntityName ?   Thanks Nicolas
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