• Message all users from procedure

    Hi all,   I was wondering, if there is a solution for the following problem:  I am currently working on a planning solution that will be used globally. Therefore users are using the system 24h. However I h...
  • How do I hide zeros on a trend chart?

    Note: The Green Actual trendline drops to zero in May-Dec....I want to limit the actual trendline to show only data to date.
  • Is it possible to do a crossview in a nexel along side a normal nexel formula?

    Currently, I am trying to take one value from the home  dataview and divide it by the total of another dataview on the screen but whenever I incorporate both dataviews my nexel column becomes blank (please see im...
    created by jack.footer
  • Data Flow with Different Value

    Hi All,   Does anyone know how to process data flow but the contents of the values are different still in one entity. For more details, I will give illustrations like the picture below.     So, ...
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  • could not use Board web

    Board WEBApi not start and whenever i start then it will stop immediately. and i also could not run Board Web both on MS edge and IE. since i use http://localhost/
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  • licencing area

    where is the licencing area on board.com ?
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  • DataView, creating a table help?

    Is it possible to make a table as such in BOARD (image attached)   Could someone guide me in terms of what I should lookout for the in the development of the dataview.   I will have data for the manager, e...
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  • Data does not appear to be supported format ?!

    Hello There,    I am trying to upload data through Data Fast Track > Local file > and my raw data file is in xlsx format , however when i am trying to import data into database its giving me an error ...
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  • Ability to determine if user is using the web browser or windows client.

    I am looking for a way to determine whether the end user is using the windows client or web browser.  If using the web browser, I would hide a button using the button layout properties, but the button would still...
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  • can we get checkbox count when data entry enabled without saving into the cube?

    I have a layout enabled with data entry. when i select or deselect checkbox till i manually save/undo my backend procedure won't run .   what i expected is when i click on checkbox ,my backend procedure should r...
    Ravichandra Aj
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  • flowing data from one particular year to another particular year ?

    Scenario : i have a database . its time range is 2016-2024.                   have a history data for 2016,2017,2018 in source cube.           &#...
    Ravichandra Aj
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  • Cart & PinBoards in Web Client

    Hi all,   I'm missing the "Add to Cart" function in the WebClient and I cannot find PinBoards created in the Win Client in the web.   Isn't it supported in the Web Client?   Regards, Jörn
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  • Is there a way to display current week in a label

    Is there a way to have a label to display the current week? My screen selection is set to the Financial Year so the @week function shows something like 18 / 419. So is there a way to make this label dynamic to always ...
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  • Hover effects? Why were these removed?

    Buttons, nagivation menus (collapsed ones), the calendar --- but mostly buttons, they used to have hover effects when you hovered over them.   This made for a more intuitive, interactive feeling screens.   ...
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  • ODBC & Bord mismatch

    Hello everyone,   I have an issue connecting my Data Reader on a local Excel File.   There's a Server error "Database empty or unavailable" and looking in details, the error is like : "Error IM014, messag...
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  • Assignment a*b with Text Cube

    Hi,   I have a cube with the following entities: • Day • Vehicle (SPARSE) • StartDate (time format 00: 00: 00 => MaxItemNumber = 86400) (SPARSE)   I have a cube of assignment of vehicl...
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  • Dataflow between two cube with one different entity

    Hello everyone, I have 2 cube: - cube A ("Previsione Parametri Valore Elab - IdElab") with dimensions: Year (Anno), Entity 1 (SOCIETA'), Entity 2 (VERSIONE BILANCIO), Entity 3 (PARAMETRI ELAB) - cube...
    created by giulia.messina
  • I can't seem to change a cube in the web client?

    I am using 10.5 on the web and when looking at a dataview I cant seem to edit a cube but I can add new ones in and delete other ones? Am I missing something obvious? 
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  • Pictures not showed inside a dataview

    Hi everyone, I'm using Board 10.5. In a dataview I added a block to show a PDF icon (the user can click on the icon to drill to a screen that shows the invoice PDF). It works in Board Client: In web client a blank...
    created by marcsamu
  • Print Screen action not available in web - replacement?

    What is the replacement for the 'Print Screen' procedure action that is not available in the web?   We have clients producing shareholder certificates, transfer forms, annual tax statements and invoices using mu...
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