• Extract Layout to Text File with Header

    Hi everyone,    is it possible to insert header using the function Extract to Text File? The file .csv comes out without them, but just with values and I can't find the possibility of insert them!   ...
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  • Exclude Entity Members in Database Security

    Hello all, how can we exclude a memeber from an Entity in a Database Security? The "Exclude" button is "grey".                             &...
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  • Dialog box not displaying correctly with Office Add-In

    A user with MS Office 365 ProPlus build version 1903 can only see part of the dialog box for connecting to Board when using the Office Add-In. See image attached. Same for Excel, Word, PowerPoint. However, users with ...
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  • Excel Addin BSAVE Function

    Hello,   I am looking for help on the new BSAVE function (Board 10.6)  I didn't find recent documentation about Excel Office Addin.   Thanks, Karel K.
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  • Color customization for Corporate identity

    Is it possible to change the color of default accent colors of the line on the top which is blue for capsules, green for presentations etc of the Board 11.1 to some other colors to fit the corporate identity?  
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  • Creating differents graphs that was selected by different selector

    Hello All,     I would like to ask  how to create two or more graphs on the same screen. Also,one graph could be selected by selector as "month" and the other could be selected by "year".E.g. If you cl...
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  • @selection_EX with Multi database

    Hello all,   I have a screen with the option "Multi Database". In this screen I have add 2 DataViews with 2 different databases. In both data views I add a label with an "@Selection_EX" to an Entity. As sh...
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  • BOARD Service disappearing

    I have an ongoing issue on my local machine where the BOARD service keeps disappearing, and I'm hoping someone can suggest somewhere else to look to try and fix it.   The Server is still installed, but the Servi...
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  • How can I get a dynamic selection in a Block Heading?

    Hello all, can anyone tell me how I get a dynamic selection in a Block Heading? I want a headline of a block where it says “sales cum. (selected year)”. I got it working in a Layout Title with “@Y...
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  • (RESOLVED) Display Images directly from URL Link?

    Hi all,   Has anyone  displayed images within an object of BOARD using a URL?  If so, how did you achieve it?   I have upto five URLs associated with each record stored on a SQL database - Image ...
  • Is it possible for a BOARD cloud customer to use their own custom font?

    Is it possible for a BOARD cloud customer to use their own custom font (.OTF file) that is not included as a standard Windows font?  If yes, how would this be installed onto their cloud environment?
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  • Unbalanced Hierarchies for Columns

    Is there is way to get unbalanced hierarchies on columns?   For example, if I have the following structure:   + Organisation --+ Locaiton ----+ Business   And I have only one Business at a par...
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  • How to select default entity

    I working with a typical financial reporting scenario where in the course of normal business, historical transactions can be posted to any valid combination, as follows:   Account    Department  &...
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  • Where can I found a Board manual in german language to download

    Hello all, I'm looking for a german manual from Board. Where can I find the Board manual in German language to download? I need the Version 10.1 or later. Thank's in advanced.   Kind regards Stefan Batalia
    created by sbatalia
  • Data Entry with Decimals

    Hi everyone!   Recently I had a problem inserting values in data entry that have decimals. I tried with , (so for example 3,89) and it transforms the number in 389,00. If I do the data entry using . (3.89) it ta...
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  • Horizontal cockpit

    Hello,   I am not able to configure an horizontal cockpit. I have a percentage in the layout which I would like to represent in the cockpit. The value in the layout is 98% but in the cockpit I have 75%.   ...
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  • Rejected records in Data Reader

    Hello all, where can I show the rejected records in the datareader? Kind Regards Stefan Batalia
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  • selector

    Hello all, how can I display the seleced selection in a selector? I will display the 1 selected Sales Organization Thanks in advanced S. Batalia
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  • Extract entity without empty rows and pattern problems

    Hi! I am trying to extract an entity to check if there are duplicates. When I sort the .csv file, I have some descriptions without code at the beginning of the file. In Board all members of the entity have a code and...
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  • Change Time Range Entitie

    Hi All,   We accidentally added two members to the time range entitie "Year".  Is there a possibility to delete the members without "Clearing the database and Reset Time Range"?   Because it is not ...
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