• REST API and Structuring Data

    I am currently trying to use the REST API connector within BOARD to bring in data. I have been able to successfully make a connection but it brings the data in as rows rather than as columns as would be...
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  • B11 vs StandAlone partner licenses

    Hello   With the full web approach it seems stand alone licenses, commonly used by partners, are no more working.   How they can connect ?
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  • Board 11: functions not working in algorithms

    Hi everyone, I'm playng with Board 11 and I noticed that algorithms using functions doesn't work. I have tried "if", "concatenate" and "round" functions, but the columns keep empty or 0. :-(   Is there anyo...
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    Hi there,   Hope someone can help.  I am developing a number of financial reports which require a quarterly summary. I am building the report in the same view.  I'm finding that I need to use a 'Refer...
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  • Board 11: Custom Time Entities & Relationship

    Hi all, I am trying BOARD 11. I have a problem entering semester data via SQL DATA READER. My data does not enter the Time Entities. My Semester time entity Time Range Entities My SQL Data Reader Preview q...
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  • REST API connection with api keys

    Hi all,   I need to extract data from a data source using the REST API connection.   I have a request URI. However, this URI always generates an API key that is unique. This is like a signature that is gen...
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  • Passing Headers to API

    Hi,   We have an API where the authorisation is handled through the use of headers. Is there a way to pass the values using the REST API settings in BOARD and be able to access this API?   More specif...
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  • B11 vs Extract Cube

    Hello   in the yesterday's webinar I read that in the conversion from B10 to B11 the Xtract cube have to be replaced with a Extract layout.   Is this a manual activity? Or the action is automatically adapt...
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  • How Do You Restrict a Selector to Active Items in Dataview

    I am working to convert labor analysis report from Excel to Board.  In excel the report uses slicers which display only the employees with hours worked in the currently selected branch.  I have the data...
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  • Dual Install BOARD 10 and 11

    Hi,   I was wondering with BOARD 11 now released - if it's possible to have BOARD 10 and BOARD 11 server installed concurrently on the same machine. We would like to try using the new BOARD 11, but still have cl...
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  • Do we need to purchase a Broadcasting license separately ?

    Hello All,   I am trying to Broadcast a report for which i have set the parameters as these in Procedure. its a single step procedure, New Protocol > Reports > Broadcasting and I set the parameters as bel...
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  • How to automate unloading a database from memory

    Is it possible to automate unloading a single database from memory? I already start and stop the services overnight but I have some databases that are loaded into memory when data readers run just before the working d...
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  • Can Edit and save changes to an algorithm block and create a new cube?  I may want to overide amounts that havebeen calculated.  Thank you in advance!

    I have some blocks set up in a layout to calculate.  But can I override some of those calculated amounts in the layout and save to a cube?   
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  • Reverse entities

    Hello everyone,  i'd like to know if there is a trick in order to reverse entities.   Details:  Product : is a Tree where Brand is a parent   so i'm displaying my cube + Entity Brand in order t...
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  • Cart & PinBoards in Web Client

    Hi all,   I'm missing the "Add to Cart" function in the WebClient and I cannot find PinBoards created in the Win Client in the web.   Isn't it supported in the Web Client?   Regards, Jörn
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  • Setting in WEB profiles (10.5)

    Can anyone tell me how to get rid of these entries?
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  • Write back in cube after data-entry

    Hello,   i have a simple question: I have a dataview per Month and Values with the option to enter Data. After the user save the entry, i wand to fill a cube with the percent of the total for each month, becau...
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  • POP-UP window

    Hi everyone, I think this will be a stupid question, anyway, I'd like to create a pop-up window: by clicking a button (or a dataview cell) I'd like to display a dataview inside a pop-up window. I tried the "dataview...
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  • Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation in board

    My user is getting the following error when trying to open a report:         "Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation in board"   I've searched the forum and ...
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  • First impressions of release 10.5 (especially HTML5 client)

    Hello BOARD Specialists, I'm just taking a closer look at the current release 10.5. All in all it works, especially with the web client. Yes, one or the other function is missing, but I'm sure there will be something ...
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