• Broadcasting Web Client

    Dear all,   does anyone has experince with broadcasting in web client? We want to send a user an email after her submits data trough BOARD. (Just to give him a clear confirmation that we recieved his data.) ...
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  • how to stop datareader running

    How to stop data reader running for long time as shown below
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  • Navigating from one capsule to a specific screen in another capsule

    Hi All,   I am trying to find a way to navigate from one capsule (A) to another capsule (B) but instead of landing on the default screen of capsule B I want to navigate to a specific screen within that...
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  • Count selected members of an entity in procedures

    Hi,   is it possible to count the selected members of an entity in a procedure? I want to use it as a button function in a screen. For example, the procedure is supposed to find out when the current user calls...
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  • Planning New Partners

    Hi Community,   seeking best advice again.   In our Bottom Up planning we ask our Sales Managers to forecast the following months on customer level. They have the oppportunity to forecast existing customer...
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  • Screen URL in Web Client (hidden screenlist)

    Hi all I've seen this discussion earlier: Screen URL - Open Screen after Login (WEB Client)  We have two buttons on our screen, each for another screen (opened with an URL). If we #hide the #screenlist in ...
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  • Another BOARD Web error message

    Can any explain what would cause the error message below?  This if for a customer BOARD on-prem with IIS.   They were previously able to get the logon screen, but would get an error after logging in (seeWeb...
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  • Problem with Transporter tool

    Hello! To improve our deployment, we would like to use the Transporter tool on the DEV server. Every host is connected, but the "Compare" button doesn't work : no change/comparison appears. However, the two files _Dbi...
  • Web PDF Report - Not all pages show refreshed objects

    Hello everyone, I am having some trouble with the new 10.3 web printing option. In general I really like the direction this is heading. But I am facing some issues when I try to print several printing areas. I have ...
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  • Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation

    Hi All,   I tried to open cubes view, but i got this error messange. Do you have any suggestion to fix this issue? Note: It happens after i remove a redundant relationship and entity. The entity is indirectly us...
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  • Get possible combination of data

    Hello there,   If i wanna have result of possible combination like data as below, are Board can handled it dynamically base on number of Data?   Data A B C ...   Output AB AC BC ......
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  • Data Reader how to set for entity

    Hi , I have query on data reader append and replace . I just  created 2 entity FAM_ART and SOUS_FAI In Entity SOUS_FAI -  Description i want to fetch value from libelle . How to set data reader for this ...
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  • transaction data server error

    When I try to drill down to the transaction data of an entity, I get this error message, and it does not really tell me what the actual error is:   Would this be something wrong with the drill-through protocol...
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  • Call procedure doesn't work inside of a procedure

    Hello, I have a procedure "Initial launch" to execute initial data load. There are also some procedures inside this "initial launch" and some of them doesn't work. According to the log, the proceudre are launch but t...
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  • Web Server information on board.help

    Can anyone confirm the information on this page is now outdated please .. Board Web Server configuration  A client is setting up their web server but I'm hesitant to direct them to help.board as I believe m...
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  • Server/client command

    Hi guys,   I have a customer who runs BOARD in the cloud and am trying to trigger a Stored procedure using a powershell or batch file which i would like to run via the server command option in BOARD. Would this ...
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  • Does ETL requires to be redone after upgrade ?

    Hello all,   We are upgrading Board from 10.1 to 10.3 ,   we will then move our Database folder to the upgraded version,   our question is do we have to redo ETL process again for all those protocols...
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  • Can I sort by column?

    I know you can use a "Sorting Cube" to rearrange the order of some entities which are by row but is there a way to reorder the entities if I am showing them by column?
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  • Need a Board Implementation Analyst in NYC

    We are planning to build the dashboard tool by using the Enterprise Performance Management tool Board. The applicant MUST have verifiable experience with the Board tool – implementing dashboards and developing r...
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  • What is best practice for procedures database or capsule?

    There are various benefits of capsule and database procedures.   What is the recommended best practice for choosing to develop procedures in capsules or in the database?   We develop applications for custo...
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