• Best Practice: Web Client Presentation Mode

    Dear all, One of our customers is a big fan of the presentation mode in the web client to save and share custom reports. Practically what happens, is that they create a report from scratch using the layout builder a...
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  • Charts, time axis and sorting

    Hi all,   about an observation I made today: when having a bar chart and the axis on the time dimension, pay attention, when using sort by cube. In my case the result was, that the bars weren't sorted by time, b...
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  • Workflows

    What are some common workflows? What are some ways procedures have been used to facilitate a process or user experience?
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  • GVA Introduction video

    I was asked by my company to put together a short high level video demonstrating three aspects of our external client tool.  Whilst discussing this with Andrew Rae, I found that I could not share with him the con...
  • Is the Cognitive Space a game changer?

    Hi all,   what do you think about the cognitivespace? What use cases do you see in existing solutions and in the future especially for the nlq (native language querying)?   How do you explain and demo this...
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