• How to create a report with several cubes grouped in lines?

    Hi, In Excel I have a report that looks like this:   What would be needed in board in order to create a similar structure, where the different cubes are over each other (by rows) instead of side by side (by c...
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  • Change web interface

    Hi, i was trying to change the HTML5 interface, trying to customize the ribbon bar and web landing page login. How can i change those? I have been mentioned these can be configured and changed but was wondering how...
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  • Why aren't my percentages correct for the Total columns/rows?

    Hi I'm a fairly new user of Board, so this might be something obvious - I've been building financial reports, but with my percentage calculations, through using rules, the percentages are correct on the data columns,...
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  • Data Picker -

    Hello all,   today i started to familiarize myself with the topic nexel and data picker. Now I tried to enrich values from one cube with a column from another cube. Here I come also fast to a result, which I can...
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  • Full RAM Mode / Benchmarking : how much time does it take to load your DB in RAM ?

    Hi everyone, I would like to do a bit of benchmarking to understand better our performance and look into possible infrastructure improvements. My current issue is that we have large databases (typically 50Gb) that t...
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  • dynamically change axis?

    Hi,   So I've seen Dynamix Axes in DataViews and I have been looking myself into it. So far I see: many screens (high maintenance, little overview) many tabs (high maintenance, a bit slower)   I wanted ...
    created by raym
  • Documentation EXCEL-ADD-IN

    So, I'm about to take a closer look at the EXCEL-ADD-IN from Board. At first sight what's offered is rather disappointing! A handful of more or less powerful VBA functions, I could live with that, then I build them m...
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  • How to save the current selection (to file/db/cube/...)?

    Hello,   I'd like to save the user's current selection via a procedure (click on button to save), in order to be able to restore them later (click on button to retrieve and set). This way user's would have their...
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  • BOARD connection to XERO

    Has anyone in the Community has been able to connect BOARD to XERO using any of the ODBC's available?
    created by bbroughton
  • Rolling Up Time Stamps into Hours

    Greetings!   My problem is this, I need to be able to track the number of records being entered into our system by Day and Hours.    I currently am loading a cube from SQL that contains...
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  • Total By on 1 dimension cube

    Hello,    My use case is as follow :  In one screen some users mark members of a dimension using a cube with checkbox. In another screen, different users should see the percentile of member marked that...
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  • Merge Capsules

    Hi,   I am working on an application in which the application is divided into multiple modules. Each module have its capsule but one database. now the requirement is to merge all the capsule into a single capsul...
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  • Apply Master Layout Selection to Drill to Screen

    Hi, I have an application with two(2) screens(lets say Screen1 and Screen2). On Screen1 are two(2) dataviews(lets say Dataview1 and Dataview2). Dataview1 has Master Layout enabled and Dataview2 has a drill to Screen2...
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  • Export DataView - keep column width

    Is there a way to maintain blocks width in a DataView export, with formulas, to Excel?
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  • Error after 10.3 autoupgrade

      Hello   Running the client autoupgrade in some PC's apperas a warning message that only says "Access denied" (see picture) but just pushing OK it regularly connects and works. Has anyone experienced this...
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  • Client Web - Create PDF Report not working

    Hi Guys,   I have a Board application running on Board 10.3 for which I don't manage to create a PDF report when using the Web client. When I click the create report button (either in the top-right corner menu ...
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  • Add entity - Limit Relationship entities

    Hello,   in our planning module users can add new projects with ATO where they can also set the relationships. For example, they can choose to which segment the project belongs to. As you can see in the scr...
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  • DateHour view

    Hi community   I fed up a date cube with a string like this (including the hour) Figures are correctly stored in the database but in the data view I'm able to see the day only If I export such layout in a ...
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  • How to give control to delete/remove an entity member to end user?

    Hi all,   I am currently building an retail planning application in which the we are giving the flexibility to the end user to load the master data (Store details) into the entities. In addition to this, we want...
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  • Dataview block with Numbers & Text

    Hi Guys,  I've a formatting issue with a dataview for a accounting report. In one block, I need to have a percentage resulting from a calculation of 2 other blocks when a condition is fulfilled. Otherwise I nee...
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