• data entry in a dataview with filters applied

    Hi all,   I have a cube which contains both future forecast and past forecast (forecast created previously). There are three dimensions for the cube - Product, Market and Month The requirement I got is to show ...
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  • 1 Dataview serving 2 other DataViews

    Hello,   What is the best approach to do the following:   I have 1 main DataView.  The user selects a row in this DataView to load more details in 2 other DataViews (each with its own specific de...
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  • maximum number of axes

    I am trying to build a report using a data viewer, however firstly I had to put entities in as axes so that they can be flattened out rather than having them in the data block, which just returned the total count in t...
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  • [bug] Screen corruption after cube deletion

    Hi,I have a screen with dynamic selection based on cube.Unfortunately, I forgot and I delete the cube.Now the screen is unusable. Every layout in the screen show an error - Database is modified by another user.My sugg...
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  • Export to Excel error

    Anyone in the community had this error pop up before when extracting to Excel?
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  • Dataview converts text to figures format when using Vertical Axis

    (BOARD Version: 10.1.4)   We are all aware of the restrictions when displaying Data-views vertically; no drill downs, formatting issues, etc.  Recently, I discovered another one   BOARD will automatic...
  • excel column limit

    hi community,  i have a datreader from excel file, i wanto to know if there is a column limit to import data from excel. Regards Andrea
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  • Installation details

    Our organisation has just signed up as a partner. I have completed the initial courses and am looking to move onto the exercises. My question is what version of Board should i be downloading and installing?   R...
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  • How to create a report with several cubes grouped in lines?

    Hi, In Excel I have a report that looks like this:   What would be needed in board in order to create a similar structure, where the different cubes are over each other (by rows) instead of side by side (by c...
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  • Change web interface

    Hi, i was trying to change the HTML5 interface, trying to customize the ribbon bar and web landing page login. How can i change those? I have been mentioned these can be configured and changed but was wondering how...
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  • Why aren't my percentages correct for the Total columns/rows?

    Hi I'm a fairly new user of Board, so this might be something obvious - I've been building financial reports, but with my percentage calculations, through using rules, the percentages are correct on the data columns,...
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  • Data Picker -

    Hello all,   today i started to familiarize myself with the topic nexel and data picker. Now I tried to enrich values from one cube with a column from another cube. Here I come also fast to a result, which I can...
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  • Full RAM Mode / Benchmarking : how much time does it take to load your DB in RAM ?

    Hi everyone, I would like to do a bit of benchmarking to understand better our performance and look into possible infrastructure improvements. My current issue is that we have large databases (typically 50Gb) that t...
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  • Is it possible to "drill to screen" as an action of a procedure?

    Hi, Using the drill to screen action I'm able to set a selection for the target screen. As procedure action there's a "Apply selection to current screen" that allows to make the selection for the current scre...
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  • dynamically change axis?

    Hi,   So I've seen Dynamix Axes in DataViews and I have been looking myself into it. So far I see: many screens (high maintenance, little overview) many tabs (high maintenance, a bit slower)   I wanted ...
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  • Documentation EXCEL-ADD-IN

    So, I'm about to take a closer look at the EXCEL-ADD-IN from Board. At first sight what's offered is rather disappointing! A handful of more or less powerful VBA functions, I could live with that, then I build them m...
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  • How to save the current selection (to file/db/cube/...)?

    Hello,   I'd like to save the user's current selection via a procedure (click on button to save), in order to be able to restore them later (click on button to retrieve and set). This way user's would have their...
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  • BOARD connection to XERO

    Has anyone in the Community has been able to connect BOARD to XERO using any of the ODBC's available?
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  • Rolling Up Time Stamps into Hours

    Greetings!   My problem is this, I need to be able to track the number of records being entered into our system by Day and Hours.    I currently am loading a cube from SQL that contains...
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  • Total By on 1 dimension cube

    Hello,    My use case is as follow :  In one screen some users mark members of a dimension using a cube with checkbox. In another screen, different users should see the percentile of member marked that...
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