• How can i map addresses to (latitude, longitude) coordinates?

    I have a dataset I would like to visualize on a map. I have addresses for each of my datapoints, but I need a way to convert those addresses into latitude and longitude coordinates for displaying on the map. Does anyo...
    Bob Gill
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  • HOWTO: Hide ALL Dataview border lines  

    The dataview is a really versatile little workhorse.  Aside from being used to create tables, it can also be used as a toolbar for capturing user input selections or as a status display panel. However, it can be ...
  • 10.3 Excel export to multiple sheets/files based on pager

    I remember that with older Board version it was possible to export via procedure a dataview to an excel file, using the entity set on pager (Dynabar  ) to create a single excel file, or a single Excel Sheet....
    created by l.zampetti
  • decimals

    Hello,    I am loading a CSV file (utf-8) with 2 decimals to fill a cube. On the reader and its ETL, the decimals appear properly but once the load is done they don't appear in the cube. In this example, th...
  • Read Only cubes and data readers

    If a cube is read only as configured on the Database Security for a database profile is it so that in a procedure that clears will work (clearing all cube data regardless of entity access the user may have) but that d...
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  • Dynamic filter on dataview

    Hello,   I have a dataflow that contains revenue and costs for my projects. Is it possible for users to filter dynamically on this dataview over several cubes? For example one user only wants to see projec...
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  • Calculate projected inventory

    Hello Board Community,   I would like to calculate projected stocks with the following formula : Stocks = Previous month stocks + current month Supply - current month Sales.   I have 3 cubes : Sales, ...
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  • Dates format EU vs US

    Hi Community   our server is in Italy, with local settings   dates in reports are viewed in the format dd/mm/yyyy   Some US users would like to view dates in the format mm/dd/yyyy   Is it possi...
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  • Month selection based on a Start Date and End Date

    In order to create a Project (i.e. promotion) management function (which allows end users to add and edit promotions in Board), I've created two Date type cubes for a project Start Date and End Date respectively,...
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  • How to sort by a value for a axes combination in DataView

    As shown in the screenshot below, we have a Sales cube and Budget cube, which have the same dimensions - Item, Area, Month, UoM. We tried to calculate the Severity (i.e. bias) and present the data in a flatten da...
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  • Alignment and hierarchies in Board 11

    Hi all, as in Board 11 the engine is taking care of the versioning I was wondering about the following scenario:   We have an entity customer and a second called customer group. They are connected in a hierarch...
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  • Data readers moved to Unassigned Items

    Hi community   In a database I found all data readers moved to a unique group "unassigned items"   All is running regularly, entities and cubes are still in their groups No strange things in reports or pr...
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  • Community edition of Board available ?

    I have been working with EPM products in past and would like to try out BOARD and its EPM capabilities. Is there any community edition version of the product available to download and try out? What are other options ...
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  • User list as entity members

    Hello community!   Is there a way to automate extracting the list of users from the system/security tab in order to easily data-read them and add them to a User entity (I would like to create a log cube by date ...
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  • make a new line in dataview

    Hello everyone,    I have a dataview like this (see below): Is it possible to have a new line below TH-611AL with the same name?  I want my dataview like this table: Thank you.
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  • Board 11 capsule images

    Hi all,   I guess that Board 11 will still support capsule images. If not, it's just something to plan for. My question is: do the images get loaded each time they are requested or are they cached by the browse...
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  • (FIXED) 10.5 Functions: WEB Object Copy and Paste

    A new BOARD release is a very exciting time.  Scrambling to read the release notes, diligently comparing version functions from one to another and then writing up the upgrade strategy utilizing the best 'agile' m...
  • Possible bug?

    Hi, As a power user I can modify a process flow and run it, even if I don't have the rights to save the changes. 1) select a procedure 2) modify any steps (adding/removing also possible) 3) click run. Board will a...
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  • BOARD11: Select based on cube (Screen)

    Hi everybody,   I have a question regarding to the dynamic selection feature in BOARD 11.  I'm trying to set a dynamic selection based on a cube in a screen and inside the selection It allows me to enable ...
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  • (FIXED) Web Capsule Tiles - Issue When Changing Capsule databases

    ISSUE:    When changing the database from the developer version to production, it is vital that the Web Capsule Tiles are manually updated too.  Failure to do so will result in the capsule failing to o...