• Board 11 capsule images

    Hi all,   I guess that Board 11 will still support capsule images. If not, it's just something to plan for. My question is: do the images get loaded each time they are requested or are they cached by the browse...
    created by raym
  • Alignment and hierarchies in Board 11

    Hi all, as in Board 11 the engine is taking care of the versioning I was wondering about the following scenario:   We have an entity customer and a second called customer group. They are connected in a hierarch...
    created by raym
  • Data flow no more working

    Hi community   I have a data flow using join that regularly works with version 10.1.2 and is not working with 10.3.0 (last release)   See the picture
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  • Data readers moved to Unassigned Items

    Hi community   In a database I found all data readers moved to a unique group "unassigned items"   All is running regularly, entities and cubes are still in their groups No strange things in reports or pr...
    created by danieledilorenzo
  • Refer-to + rules?

    Hi all,   is it possible to use the refer-to in the layout and have the cube take the value of the rule that is used in combination? Say I have a cube a, with a rule "measures" (in functions) and also a "refer-...
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  • Is dynamic entity selection slow?

    Hi all,   so recently we were trying to create some kind of 'save my current selection' button. You could also call it report variants, or saved queries,... One of the ideas was to filter all the entities dynam...
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  • Filter / select in Data Flow

    Hello,   is it possible, to apply a filter or a select on a data flow? The source cube has different entities like customer, productgroup, product. Now i want to start a dataflow with a procedure to select or ...
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  • Community edition of Board available ?

    I have been working with EPM products in past and would like to try out BOARD and its EPM capabilities. Is there any community edition version of the product available to download and try out? What are other options ...
  • Alert on calculated Label seems not to work in BOARD 10.5 Web

    I created a label which I used to show a trend arrow with this formula: if(a>0,"↗", if(a<0,"↘","→")) where "a" is a simple numeric cube, which is also part of the label layout. The result type of the ...
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  • Data flow: How to distribute a value on different entities

    Hi everyone, I have to distribute one value per customer and month on a cube per customer, month, item and agent, based on the turnover cube, also with customer, month, item and agent. On these 2 last cubes, "custome...
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  • Layout Block - Alert colors in Vertical Orientations

    Hello,   Add another concern about vertical layouts -- as started here:     We are all aware of the restrictions when displaying Data-views vertically; no drill downs, formatting issues, etc.  Rec...
    created by peterparker
  • Use of analytics in data flow

    Hi community, I have following question:   cube A by Day cube B by Month, tu be populated with the AVG from cube A (excl zeros) by each month.   Even if there're many ways to obtain this, I try to do...
    created by danieledilorenzo
  • How Do You Display Percentages on Pie Chart

    On a Pie Chart is it possible to display the percentages on each slice of the chart.
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  • 10.5 Functions: WEB Object Copy and Paste

    A new BOARD release is a very exciting time.  Scrambling to read the release notes, diligently comparing version functions from one to another and then writing up the upgrade strategy utilizing the best 'agile' m...
    Paul Wyatt - Avison Young
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  • Rolling Forecast

    Hello,   i want to build up a rolling Forecast modell for monthly data entry and adjustments. I have 2 Cubes. One with actuals and one with forecast (incl. Version). Now i want to select a time-frame for the pa...
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  • Cumulated values on selection

    Hello, I have a chart where I show actuals per week (primary axis) and cumulated values (secondary axis) of milestone progress. The cumulated values are YMT with a cycle of 999.     As you can see in ...
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  • Web Capsule Tiles - Issue When Changing Capsule databases

    ISSUE:    When changing the database from the developer version to production, it is vital that the Web Capsule Tiles are manually updated too.  Failure to do so will result in the capsule failing to o...
    Paul Wyatt - Avison Young
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  • Upgrade from v10.0.1 to v10.5

    We are preparing to upgrade from v10.0.1 to v10.5.  I'm looking for do's and especially don'ts from those of you that may have already upgraded to v10.5 and are willing to share.
    created by lucidob
  • Summarized Forecast Rollup from different screen totals

    I have multiple screens for forecasting based on different types of revenue.  Because these sections belong to different areas of our company, the forecasts are data entry enabled.  We don't just use a growt...
    last modified by holly`
  • Use of @user / @username to segregate data

    We have a capsule which does some kind-of complicated processing such as writing to a text file from a dataflow and reading it back in to some work cubes and then displaying a screen based on the work cubes. If more t...
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