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I can currently enter data into an RTF cube that is used in a DynaWrite Layout, but this is only possible if I set up a data entry enabled DataView with the RTF cube (see Add Narrative below):      I would like to be able to write my text directly into the data entry enabled cube in the DynaWrite (i.e. 'Project narrative', above).
Currently you can only populate a text cube via a reverse algorithm if the algorithm is numeric.  This seems somewhat pointless as we have numeric cubes for these.   What would be more useful is being able to apply a reverse algorithm on a text algorithm into a text cube.   It doesn't come up often, but the workaround to get past this limitation…
Bob Gill
Overview The existing GeoMap tool works well. It does the job of visualizing data on a map, but it's not beautiful. The flexibility and analytics provided in BOARD with respect to time analytics is great. I think it's time to improve the GeoMap tool to keep pace with other offerings.   Features Shape Datatype - Keyhold Markup Language is a common…
Bob Gill
  While I understand why CSV files can be more standardized and consistent for ETL processes, I think it's time to add Excel as an option for a datareader. A user can specify the filename, and tab name to be used for the datareader.   Use Case An excel file is produced and placed on a network share A user clicks a button to run the Excel…
Hi Community,   more than once I have been asked by clients to display the Grand Total as the first row of a dataview. Since there is the option to change the horizontal alignment of the row totals (see screenshot below), maybe another option could be implemented to choose the location of the Grand Total? At least in larger tables it would be…
The idea is to have a new Selector object were the member list displayed is based on the result of a layout.   Currently in Board you often disguise a Dataview as a selector in order to filter data according to data displayed in the screen. However, in order to improve navigation for end-user and making it easier to use than the master layout…
It would be great if the headers, mainly for dataviews, could be more dynamic. Variables like previous month, previous year(@Month, @PYMonth, @PreviousMonth) would be great! 
The functionality of "Insert new Row" is very useful and appreciated by clients (especially Bulgari Rome), when the end user need to create from scratch a new planning combination. It would be great to have the same functionality also in the web version.
It would very useful if in each procedure we could have a large comment box where we can add general information about the procedure. For example a brief description of what it does, relevant comments, etc
Using a label with select_ex doesnt work for the first screen after board was started - label remains empty. Only if you select the affected entity the label shows the desired result.   Label on the first Screen: After selecting the entity: I tried a screentriger with several procedures - without any success.   It would be very useful,…
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