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Hello everyone, should it be possible to implement something not only to select based on cube but also to exclude based on cube? In the development of both screens and, mostly, procedures, this could be very helpful!   Thanks in advance to anyone who will reply or join or edit my idea!   Marco
Dataviews exported to Excel, that contain date cubes, do not behave as 'normal' excel users would expect.  The dates are exported as TEXT, not dates. When an excel filter is added to column headings, the date column lists the dates in text order (not chronologically - eg 01/04/2018, 04/01/2018, 08/12/2016 etc) When sorting the excel spreadsheet,…
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Hi, The axis in a dataview should be controllable by a pager. Like this: The pager controls the row axis. Setting it to a different value, changes the axis dimension of the dataview. This would require a dynamic entity, with the names of the entities that the user can see. It could work via trigger or via a setting in the dataview, that there…
The functionality of "Insert new Row" is very useful and appreciated by clients (especially Bulgari Rome), when the end user need to create from scratch a new planning combination. It would be great to have the same functionality also in the web version.
A good improvement would be the chance to set up a dynamic selection within Board Layout. This way you should be able to create different infromation scenarios in the same screen according to cubes parameters or current date.
It would be great if the headers, mainly for dataviews, could be more dynamic. Variables like previous month, previous year(@Month, @PYMonth, @PreviousMonth) would be great! 
1. What is your idea? Create a new flag "append" on procedure action "reload all cubes" (Datareader > Database Reload > Cubes). With this flag it would be good to manage the append option of the reload all cubes.   2. What specific problem are you trying to find a solution to, or what new scenario would this idea respond to? Usually during…
Hello Community, i like using TOP/FLOP analyses and in many Customers i have implemented BOARD solutions i have come across the following need   What is your idea? When defining the Keep Top option, we usually highlight the top or worst performers based on one or multiple factors. This usually leads to “hiding” the “rest” of elements which are…
I want to recommend a New Board Demo Zone with the following characteristics: It is CloudBased. It means it it located on BoardCloud. It means that can be accessed from anywhere at anytime!  It is an environment where you can demo "Any" Vertical Market (Example: Fashion Retail) or Any Vertical Function (Example: FCC.4.0). You can demo using any…
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