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Hi Community Members,   although I am quite aware of certain "known limitations", there is one huge wish for future versions:   It is not so uncommon that layouts with data entry enabled should be restricted to certain entity members, while the rest of the screen should still show all of them. In order to achieve this, a layout select would…
The idea is for Board Web Engine to enable a feature that is usually existing with links in HTML browser and allow for links be open in new tabs using right click menu or mouse 3.   First, It's very convenient for the end-user to be able to decide for them-self where a new tab is pertinent and when it's not. Also it may be slightly frustrating…
I can currently enter data into an RTF cube that is used in a DynaWrite Layout, but this is only possible if I set up a data entry enabled DataView with the RTF cube (see Add Narrative below):      I would like to be able to write my text directly into the data entry enabled cube in the DynaWrite (i.e. 'Project narrative', above).
Hi everybody, Very often in order to explain a result to a user, we have to take into account the authorizations he has, which can be quite complex in our cases.   Issue:  In order to make the screen selections explicit, we can currently use @Selection in a label at the bottom of the report, for example, to make sure the user understands what…
On normal websites it is possible to click the mouse wheel on a link in order to open a new tab in the browser. It would be nice if Board 11 had the same funcationality for link-labels for example.
My idea concerns interactive selections. Indeed, in the actual system, it is not possible to specify anything as a sentence to guide users as we want them to check data. Thus, what I thought would be nice to add to the software is : the possibility to write a sentence just above the data proposed. In this way, if we want the user to check several…
Current situation These days we are training a lot of new users to the web interface of Board, and we're trying to make them use the "Presentation" feature. Very often, they ask how they can modify a presentation then save it as a new one, or if they can copy a presentation directly to a new one without opening it.   Current workarounds  -…
Customer wants to know if we can put in enhancement to be able to manipulate where page breaks go when printing from the web
Hi everyone,   As previously discussed in a forum thread with Gabriele Gallo and Paul Stegmann and in the Board support with Antonio Speca, I found myself several times in a situation where I needed downtotals in a layout, but wanted to hide the grand total line.   Solutions already suggested: - disabling downtotals (not possible because I need…
I just wanted to share this idea with the community. Feedback welcome!!   We currently can write text and/or comments in a cube, however we cannot really integrate this process as part of a procedure. It would be great to enable a procedure action that allows a pop up to appear where we can write text and that this text is then saved in our…
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