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The functionality of "Insert new Row" is very useful and appreciated by clients (especially Bulgari Rome), when the end user need to create from scratch a new planning combination. It would be great to have the same functionality also in the web version.
It could be useful for developers to have substitution formulas recognized on the path of a data reader. This could help particularly in two situations: 1) If we copy a database on the same machine and rename it, there is no need of changing manually all data readers paths 2) When we want to load all files within the same folder identified by a…
Instead of having to select Screen-Dataview-Block for each block in a separate "Apply Selection to Block"-action, it would save a lot of time if it was possible to multi-select all needed blocks from all dataviews on the screen.
I would like to have the possibility of having a dynamic time range setting i the database. For example, saying that your model should always contain 2 years of history and future months and that it is updated automatically. This way we could avoid unnecessary maintenance work of the databases.
Hi Community,   more than once I have been asked by clients to display the Grand Total as the first row of a dataview. Since there is the option to change the horizontal alignment of the row totals (see screenshot below), maybe another option could be implemented to choose the location of the Grand Total? At least in larger tables it would be…
Similar to the 'Locked by' option within a block, it would be handy if we also had the ability to 'Hide based on' for a block.  So that if the 'based on' block is 1 this block would be hidden (as opposed to 'locked').   This would enable for a more simple hide/show of blocks in a dataview etc.  This can already be done with algorithms but if you…
Idea: Enable the Screen Triggers function to operate in Home Screen.   Reason:   The screen triggers function - allowing procedures/actions to be completed when opening or closing a screen - is used extensively on other screens, and would be useful to allow this function to work on Home screen also.    Is there a reason why it was not enabled…
There is no chance to label the layout blocks with an offset. If you want to show the previous year, the block has to be labeled with "PY" or similar. To handle it you have to implement a tempcube with the period entity and a capsule procedure which is triggered by screen open trigger like this:   Then you can use the @selection functionalitiy…
In future releases of BOARD can we please prompt the user if they click on the Fix Relationships button, if they are sure to run this procedure.  I have had a few situations arise where this has been clicked by mistake, or out of curiosity, and then the maximum number of entities issue as occurred.    
Add in graphic options of data view the option "hide grand total".   In some cases it could be useful. See the picture attached: this report is by currency / company. here I want to see the total by each currency but not the grand total (sum of different currencies, no sense) Workaround: set same colour for grand total back/foreground
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