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Hi team,   I have an enhancement request below.   Request: Enable Data Layout in the Mask Purpose: Display the Entity Member regardless of its number Background:    I was trying to output the entity which has only one member using label, but it says "All" if the entity has only one member. I received the suggestion from the support that I…
Hello Community, i like using TOP/FLOP analyses and in many Customers i have implemented BOARD solutions i have come across the following need   What is your idea? When defining the Keep Top option, we usually highlight the top or worst performers based on one or multiple factors. This usually leads to “hiding” the “rest” of elements which are…
When filtering the layout by let's say the top customers, I'd like to know how much am I missing. Right now using "Keep Totals" I can infer the rest of the values. But that is a tedious task, best done in excel.   I'd like to have an option "add remaining sum" that would create a new row above the totals' row. The content would essentially be…
I think all BOARD users would greatly appreciate a way to stop procedures without having to stop the service. Of course stopping the procedure immediately, not after the next step.   We all know the situation where a procedure takes a long time, especially a data flow. In multi-database Environments (not only there), it would be helpful if you…
Hi everyone,   As previously discussed in a forum thread with Gabriele Gallo and Paul Stegmann and in the Board support with Antonio Speca, I found myself several times in a situation where I needed downtotals in a layout, but wanted to hide the grand total line.   Solutions already suggested: - disabling downtotals (not possible because I need…
The functionality of "Insert new Row" is very useful and appreciated by clients (especially Bulgari Rome), when the end user need to create from scratch a new planning combination. It would be great to have the same functionality also in the web version.
Current situation These days we are training a lot of new users to the web interface of Board, and we're trying to make them use the "Presentation" feature. Very often, they ask how they can modify a presentation then save it as a new one, or if they can copy a presentation directly to a new one without opening it.   Current workarounds  -…
We use presentations a lot and sometimes they have 30+ pages.  Often users want to create new presentations similar to one that already exists.  The easiest way would be to take an existing presentation and clone it, and then make modifications as needed.  Instead they have to build the new presentation from scratch, screen by screen.
I can currently enter data into an RTF cube that is used in a DynaWrite Layout, but this is only possible if I set up a data entry enabled DataView with the RTF cube (see Add Narrative below):      I would like to be able to write my text directly into the data entry enabled cube in the DynaWrite (i.e. 'Project narrative', above).
Paul Wyatt - Avison Young UK
******************** RESOLVED ******************** I raised this issue as an idea as I had mistakenly assumed that, with v10.6, a label could no longer be embedded with as layout.  I further assumed that the CARD object was provided to replace this functionality.  I have now learnt that one must select the 'configure layout' icon to enter the…
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