• Allow data entry with selection on layout

    Open for voting
    56 votes
    Hi Community Members,   although I am quite aware of certain "known limitations", there is one huge wish for future versions:   It is not so uncommon that layouts with data entry enabled should be restrict...
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    Open for voting
    9 votes
    Please could I ask for support to have the Bullet Chart issues, outlined below, addressed so as to make the Bullet Chart usable in all the scenarios for which it was built?  Image 1 shows how bullet charts in BOA...
  • Sum of selected values (AdHoc)

    Open for voting
    10 votes
    Hi all,   it would be cool if we can see directly the sum of selected values for example like in the following screenshot. If you need any further information, get in touch   Kind regards, Atilla
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  • Dynamic Selection within Layout

    Open for voting
    40 votes
    A good improvement would be the chance to set up a dynamic selection within Board Layout. This way you should be able to create different infromation scenarios in the same screen according to cubes parameters or curre...
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  • Keep filenames within BLOB cubes

    Open for voting
    16 votes
    If a file is loaded within a BLOB cube, at the time of extraction it is renamed with a meaningless name. It would be nice not to rename the file. Especially for applications where several files are uploaded on BLOB cu...
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  • BOARD 11 Randomizer Tool

    Open for voting
    12 votes
    WHAT WAS THE RANDOMIZER TOOL.    To those that knew of it, and before BOARD 11, the Randomizer Tool was hugely powerful, allowing test models of production offerings to be created in as little as five minut...
  • Alert for wrong syntax for algorithms

    Open for voting
    16 votes
    When using algorithms in block (either for Data Flow or Data View), and you need to use a "complex" formula, it would be nice to have an alert that notify you if the syntax is wrong. An example can be, when you use a ...
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  • Support of right click menu to open link in new tabs

    Open for voting
    27 votes
    The idea is for Board Web Engine to enable a feature that is usually existing with links in HTML browser and allow for links be open in new tabs using right click menu or mouse 3.   First, It's very ...
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  • 'Exit Screen' Procedure step to close tabs in web client

    Open for voting
    6 votes
    I am proposing a web client behaviour for the existing 'Exit Screen' procedure step.   Currently this procedure step has no action in the Web Client, however within the Windows Client, upon execution of this ste...
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  • Improvements 10.5.1/ Board 11.1 Web

    Open for voting
    7 votes
    Hello together, we worked now a lot with the webclient to configure our existing capsules. Following improvements would be great: - shortcut CTRL+Z to undo something - move objects with the arrows of the keyboard ...
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  • Comment on cubes

    Open for voting
    8 votes
    Hi all,    I'd like to have the possibility to insert a comment on each cube (and maybe entities), mainly in order to clarify their use in the database and their content. It would be enough to reproduce th...
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  • Downtotals without grand total line

    Open for voting
    84 votes
    Hi everyone,   As previously discussed in a forum thread with Gabriele Gallo and Paul Stegmann and in the Board support with Antonio Speca, I found myself several times in a situation where I needed do...
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  • CHAT & SHARE User Groups

    Open for voting
    5 votes
    Please could I ask the community to consider this idea and vote accordingly?  I would like to suggest that BOARD implement the ability to create CHAT and SHARE user groups and for the developer to have the abilit...
  • Enhance the DataView Layout SORT function

    Open for voting
    20 votes
    Currently DataView layouts can only sort by ONE block/entity.      It would be helpful to be able to apply a sort using several blocks.   For example, where a client's data has 3 levels - eg ...
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  • FREE TEXT FIELD in Entities/Cubes/DR panels

    Open for voting
    9 votes
    Dear all   I would find useful have available a free text field in entities/cubes/data reader panels. Just to add some notes, that can help the developer in further developments and maintenance activities of th...
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  • Filter by Column

    Open for voting
    100 votes
    It would really be useful to be able to filter by columns the same way we can filter by criteria on the row. "Show All" works in some cases but not all.   Compounded by the fact that switch row columns is not av...
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  • LDAP Authentication Enhancement

    Open for voting
    18 votes
    Background: Currently, LDAP requires an administrator user to login (as configured on the LDAP Server configuration), and then all other users can login. This means that all the other users need to be under the same ...
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  • Datetime / Timestamp type cube

    Open for voting
    14 votes
    Add a new type of cube : Datetime that store date but also the time! Also, add the equivalent of today() function to be used in layout and dataflows.     Use case (exemple) : In my current project, user...
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  • Hide single functionality of "Sliding Toolbar"

    Open for voting
    35 votes
    Business Contest The client wants to disable "Save" and "Undo" buttons and to embed these functionalities into a procedure that performs other calculation steps after the data entry saving. Example: in a screen ther...
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  • ADHOC Report Builder

    Open for voting
    19 votes
    The Idea.   I would like to ask for the community to vote for the idea of an adhoc report builder for the daily user.  I am aware that this idea, in various guises, has already been suggested, mos...