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Click to view contentAbout the Solution/Project:    Last year a prospective customer wanted to see a workflow in BOARD where the response to the step impacted the path that you took in the workflow    Solution/Project info  I have attached the simple solution that I built for the demonstration.   Once installed click through from left to right.  You answer Yes/No…
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For years agents believed that technology could have bridged the gap in fashion companies. This has not come true. Significant investments aimed at implementing complex systems have often failed. Indeed, they have not been able, in a sim-ple, flexible and comprehensive way, to integrate all the processes that, by definition, are changeable and not…
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Click to view contentThere has been some discussion in the forums about creating reports where Top X values are displayed with all other remaining values displayed as a single 'Others' value. (Grouping specific entity members).     An idea has also been submitted to request this feature. The purpose of this document and sample is to demonstrate that this is…
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Click to view contentAbout the Solution:   This simple example gives an idea on how to use Visibility feature of objects to display a set of help textboxes around your BOARD application.   Solution info Info: The solution makes use of: a "tech" entity, called Help Switch, with 2 members: On and Off a cube called HELP FLAG ON dimensioned by the Help Switch entity. a…
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Click to view contentAbout the Solution/Project:  About the solution This is not a real solution, more a hint/best practice for handling Databases with large Day based Cubes   Solution/Project info Info: Most times Users/Partners/Consultants don't think about possible optmization for DataBases with Day based cubes, so I just wanted to show the Impact of the "Page…
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Click to view contentAdd data bars to your dataviews. And then colour them, with conditional formatting. While this might get colourful, sometimes, in terms of storytelling, more contrast is more helpful:   About the Solution/Project:  About the solution I wanted to recreate a solution where part of the information in the dataview is displayed as a chart. I've…
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Just thought i would show you a small example i did of an interactive balanced scorecard, where we can add new objectives, attach them to measures or actions for those particular objectives and choose interactively which KPIs we want to measure them with. By giving a target we can follow our progress and see how we are doing and even check on the…
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Click to view contentHi,   often we get the question, how is it possible to select eg the last 10 days. You can reach that with a temp cube and a procedure.   First of all you need a cube that has the dimension day + one other entity, could be a dummy with just one element, in that example the cube is called "Last 10 Days".   With that simple procedure you write…
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  Hi, I think each BOARD Developer working with Multi Database Screens once had the idea just having one Pager e.g. for the Time entities. This because most users aren´t interested choosing the same time slice in two databases. The little sample shows how it can work for the Month. In general we have 2 Opportunities for solving the reuqest 1.…
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