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Click to view content  About the Solution/Project:  About the solution I have come across the need to provide a single entry selection to the users, and wanted to create a RADIO BUTTON LIKE dataview.   Solution/Project info Info: The example attached allows one single value to be selected per row. 1.    Create a dataflow to populate a cube so that every row total is…
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Hi all,   Just wanted to share with you. In case you didnt know, you can use some cool UTF8 symbols in our data views (with color) in web. Just visit the following url and copy & paste the symbols.         Enjoy   Best regards, Atilla   OPTIONAL: DATABASE/CAPSULE Want to share additional material with other…
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Click to view contentHello All,   A project management dashboard required a Gantt chart to display project timeline by Months, In absence of Gantt chart in Board we can use Waterfall type chart to replicate it.   I am using Board version 10.3 and here is how a Gantt chart was created:   1. I Created ATO based pagers which will help users to add new projects and…
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Click to view contentAbout the solution If you are using "Desaturate Alerts" in a DV or a Treemap in Combination with an Alert function you can easily see, that the the color is more desaturated, when the Value is getting smaller. In some cases you might want to invert this for negative numbers (so the most desaturated negative values are those near by zero).    …
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Ravichandra Aj
Click to view contentSteps to do : just write a procedure in first capsule and write a client-side command and include your parameters where you are mentioning your second capsule particular screen . call this procedure in your first capsule using button or label. it will redirect to your second capsule particular screen.     I hope it helps. if you have further…
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Bob Gill
Click to view contentAbout the Solution/Project:  About the solution As an experiment, I wanted to explore how BOARD connects to web services. My challenge here was to design a simple solution where I could get the 10 day forecast for two cities. It was easier than I thought. Once I articulated by query for the Yahoo data, the rest was just connecting the dots. I also…
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Click to view contentAbout the Solution/Project:    Last year a prospective customer wanted to see a workflow in BOARD where the response to the step impacted the path that you took in the workflow    Solution/Project info  I have attached the simple solution that I built for the demonstration.   Once installed click through from left to right.  You answer Yes/No…
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I just thought i would share a small that manages risk within strategic planning initiatives   Risk identification- Here we can identify and create new risks with regards to each one of our strategic initiatives. We can assign an initial severity, an account that will be affected as well as a probability and the initial amount this risk means.…
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