Share your work and inspire other users!

Blog Post created by ggallo Employee on Aug 10, 2017

Have you deployed a BOARD solution you are particularly proud of for its ergonomics/calculations and/or UI?


Do you have a nice video showing how you're using our products or software?



Share it with our worldwide community of Users, Certified Partners and BOARD employees.


Here below you will find how to share a Project, an extract of a Project or a video.


1. How to share your project ? 


Click on the Call to Action buttons (you will find the orange button in the BLUE HEADER of the Inspirations page) and start from a pre-filled document with the minimum set of useful information we need you to provide to share your work with the BOARDVille Community


This document is now ready to be edited and completed with all of the useful information required to describe your project

  • title 
  • short description
  • the story:
    • what is your inspiration and work about?
    • what objectives/benefits is it aiming to achieve?
      Show us with attachments or images and videos!
  • the attachments : capsule, database, screenshots...
  • you can also attach files (ZIP, pdf,...)

Once the writing is completed, tag it properly and simply publish it!