• Allow data entry with selection on layout

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    56 votes
    Hi Community Members,   although I am quite aware of certain "known limitations", there is one huge wish for future versions:   It is not so uncommon that layouts with data entry enabled should be restrict...
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    Open for voting
    9 votes
    Please could I ask for support to have the Bullet Chart issues, outlined below, addressed so as to make the Bullet Chart usable in all the scenarios for which it was built?  Image 1 shows how bullet charts in BOA...
  • Design Menus Fail

    Really? REALLY?!   Rule One of Design: Always put the same thing in the same place.   I don't know how many times I've opened a Layout screen when I've wanted Settings, and vice-versa. Extremely poor des...
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  • Sum of selected values (AdHoc)

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    10 votes
    Hi all,   it would be cool if we can see directly the sum of selected values for example like in the following screenshot. If you need any further information, get in touch   Kind regards, Atilla
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  • Review process for Idea : Feedback

    Hello fellow Board community member and Board Employee,   TL;DR : We need more official feedback on ideas!   I know about the post linked at the end and that there is Board program - which I forgot the nam...
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  • Dynamic Selection within Layout

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    40 votes
    A good improvement would be the chance to set up a dynamic selection within Board Layout. This way you should be able to create different infromation scenarios in the same screen according to cubes parameters or curre...
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  • Keep filenames within BLOB cubes

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    16 votes
    If a file is loaded within a BLOB cube, at the time of extraction it is renamed with a meaningless name. It would be nice not to rename the file. Especially for applications where several files are uploaded on BLOB cu...
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  • How can we see same columns on different PC

    Hello,   I am developing the BOARD templates with my colleagues. But we can't see the same content on our PCs that screen display sizes are different for example, My colleagues can see those columns unde...
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  • Board eLearning: what's new!

    Dear All,     I would like to share with all of you what's coming up next for you in the Board eLearning.    As all of you know, a few weeks ago Board 10.5 was launched, which is the very f...
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  • How to migrate user's presentations from 10.3 to 10.5.1 ?

    Dear community, did anyone try to migrate from 10.3 to 10.5.1 with the new capsule format, and what was the impact on the user's presentations ? Does it break everything ? Or is there any workaround to maintain them ...
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  • Substitution formula with an entity code instead of the description

    Hello all,   I know that we can use subsitution formulas to obtain the selection of an entity:     However, are there subsitution formulas to obtain the same information, but using the code in ...
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  • BOARD 11 Randomizer Tool

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    12 votes
    WHAT WAS THE RANDOMIZER TOOL.    To those that knew of it, and before BOARD 11, the Randomizer Tool was hugely powerful, allowing test models of production offerings to be created in as little as five minut...
  • Alert for wrong syntax for algorithms

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    16 votes
    When using algorithms in block (either for Data Flow or Data View), and you need to use a "complex" formula, it would be nice to have an alert that notify you if the syntax is wrong. An example can be, when you use a ...
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  • Queries about community.board and Inspiration Review

    Hi,   I have posted an inspiration a few weeks ago (Executing a Server-side application from BOARD) which is still marked as requiring review. Not knowing the best place to follow this up, I thought I would post...
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  • BOARDville Profile changes

    Hello Giulia Biondi,   Please could I ask a question about the BOARDville site profile page?  I want to change my 'Last Name' & 'Company' to include 'UK'.  Will these changes cause my pro...
  • In-cell sparklines with AtF Sparks and Nexel

    About the Solution/Project:  About the solution Some time ago I read about using special fonts to visualize sparklines. The idea stuck with me and a few days ago I found AtF Sparks — After the flood. AtF Sp...
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  • fill empty cell

    Hello everybody,   I have a cube where I would like to be able to change amounts per customer per date. This functionality requires me to fill in certain fields from time to time, which are still empty. I have t...
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  • Tilde Database Questions

    Hello community,   I have a few questions to ask about the Tilde database used for security purposes:   - Since last year, is there a new version of Tilde Database? - Is the current Tilde database compatib...
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  • Support of right click menu to open link in new tabs

    Open for voting
    27 votes
    The idea is for Board Web Engine to enable a feature that is usually existing with links in HTML browser and allow for links be open in new tabs using right click menu or mouse 3.   First, It's very ...
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  • 'Exit Screen' Procedure step to close tabs in web client

    Open for voting
    6 votes
    I am proposing a web client behaviour for the existing 'Exit Screen' procedure step.   Currently this procedure step has no action in the Web Client, however within the Windows Client, upon execution of this ste...
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