• Procedure to execute .bat and other actions

    How can I make a process that runs a .bat (at the Operating System level) recognize that it is over and continue with another action.Thanks
  • Validation rule: Fixed String + Free Supplement

    Hello community,   I need a validation rule for data entry.  A predetermined string, which must always be present, should be added. Example: Fixed string: Today is --> Must always be present. Suppleme...
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  • Launch Procedures

    Hi All   I am searching the BoardProcedureLauncher.exe in Board 11. Any idea where it is? If the program isn't anymore available, how can I launch procedures with the microsoft task sheduler? or is there a func...
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  • Downtotals without grand total line

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    Hi everyone,   As previously discussed in a forum thread with Gabriele Gallo and Paul Stegmann and in the Board support with Antonio Speca, I found myself several times in a situation where I needed do...
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  • @Selection by tree

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    Hi all, Context In our current situation, very often I need to display the current Selection in the screen, so I use @Selection function in a general manner. In some other cases I want to display a specific one, so...
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  • Saving Print Area in Web

    Hi,   I was wondering if it's possible to save a print area for a screen in the web version of BOARD (10.5.1). Previously, in the client version, the print settings would save to the screen and when a user re-en...
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  • Community Search function

    There appears to be an issue with the Search function on the community website.  It is very intermittent in returning results.  Sometimes it will, sometimes it won't, such as the snips.  I've tried...
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  • New Object: Process Mining Graph

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    Hi All,   a while ago we at SDG have started to analyze business processes using system log files and different process mining tools. Since process mining has become quite a hype and many of our customers use Bo...
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  • How to Find a Minimum Value of a cube through procedures

    There is a 3D cube having dimensions (x, y,month)  if there are 10 x under 1 y and 1 month  how to find minimum of 10 x values for 1 y and 1 month  and then the minimum value calculated for 10 x for ...
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  • BOARD Procedure Launcher

    The BOARD Procedure Launcher allows a BOARD procedure to be executed from a Windows command line (CMD). The tool comes with the server installation of BOARD on all versions starting from BOARD 8 and is located in: C...
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  • Formula Editor - Layout Error

    Dear All,   I want to use Nexel in My Dataview Layout. But, After Add Block I got error message.       What is the purpose of the message in question? Is there a better way to display alert o...
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  • Export as Picture/Image

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    Provide the ability to also select 'Picture' (or PNG, JPG) when exporting from BOARD via a procedure   BOARD currently allows you to export as PDF/PPT/DOC/XLS from a procedure, and also has these option when set...
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  • 'Create Report' error...after upgrade to 10.5.1?

    Running 10.5.0 we were able to 'create report' via the web. We have since upgraded to 10.5.1 and now we get the annoying RED Error banner with the ref code, and we don't believe we've changed anything else since last ...
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  • Pinboard function

    Is there anybody who uses the Pinboard function?   I have some problems with the Pinboard by showing dataview from two different screens. Is this normal? If I ad a second dataview to the Pinboard which I took fr...
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  • ODBC SQL to multiple database

    Hello   I have an ODBC SQL that have to access to different databases on the same server While creating the  ODBC I can choose a default database. So, as far as I can understand, I cannot connect to more ...
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  • There is a cube of 3D how to find minimum value of cube and flow to 2D

    Please Provide Some solution to find minimum value for the above problem statement
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  • cloud - upload file

    Hi, I noticed in the cloud there is an icon in the right top corner of a cloud, if you select it you get the option upload file and file-group. How does this upload file work? If I select it I am getting a blank scr...
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  • Howto: Embed a report on other sites

    Starting from Board 10.1, Board web reports can be embedded directly in other webpages, such as enterprise portal,  customer portal, intranet portal or other public websites. When you embed a report, it will...
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  • showMenu=false not possible in Board 11.1?

    Hi all   Since Board 11.1 it isn't possible to set "showMenu=false" to hide a menu for a screen. When i've tested Board 11 it was possible. Am i doing something wrong?   Best regards Dominik
    created by dominikhaas
  • Security Profile Issue

    Of course what i am going to describe is not reproducible so reporting this won't have an effect but I want to describe what I saw (pretty sure of that - things were bit under pressure since it had an effect on produc...
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