• Object alignment and copying issues

    I am trying to copy a selection of objects - mainly labels - that I have aligned into a mini visualization.  When I select them all and copy them to another position on my screen they lose their alignment and jus...
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  • Change Time Range Entitie

    Hi All,   We accidentally added two members to the time range entitie "Year".  Is there a possibility to delete the members without "Clearing the database and Reset Time Range"?   Because it is not ...
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  • Improvements for 10.6 WEB

    Open for voting
    4 votes
    A few nice improvements for 10.6 web: Have an option to copy and paste block on the layout On the Label/Button properties, when we select Goto Screen it should show the screens on alphabetical order When we export ...
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  • Time Function "End of Period Value"

    Open for voting
    13 votes
    There's been a forum post or two about extracting period (week/month/year) end values for inventory similar purposes in the community, and I've just come across the issue again in a current development...and I ju...
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  • Summarising Data that requires Row Algorithms

    Hey Community,    I've been having trouble working out how to display summarised data that requires row calculations.  Below is some samples of outputs that I would like:    Example 1: ...
  • Allow change of fonts in 10.5+

    9 votes
    Would it be possible to allow for changing fonts for objects in the web client developer interface? This could be achieved by using the google fonts and related CDNs to allow for more variety and customisation in app...
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  • Export Data to Excel in Flattening mode for Web client

    9 votes
    Hi everyone, The title says it all, the "flattening" mode is very useful for users and it's not available in the web client.   Current issue: In the Web environment I want to provide users with both a nice vis...
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  • Mouse Wheel for opening a new tab

    1 vote
    On normal websites it is possible to click the mouse wheel on a link in order to open a new tab in the browser. It would be nice if Board 11 had the same funcationality for link-labels for example.
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  • Support of right click menu to open link in new tabs

    27 votes
    The idea is for Board Web Engine to enable a feature that is usually existing with links in HTML browser and allow for links be open in new tabs using right click menu or mouse 3.   First, It's very ...
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  • Excel Add In (Office 2010)

    Please could someone inform me where can I find a link to download the Excel Add in for Office 2010
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  • Xml and JSON datareader

    Will there ever be a XML datareader and a JSON datareader in Board ?  Thank you
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  • configure Board.Mailer.Service.exe.config

    Hello Davide Genini, I would like to comment this document: Board Mailer Service (version 3), but i don't see any comment features at the bottom at the document as i am used to see it, e.g. in How to setup Microsoft ...
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  • Data flow from Parent to Child Entity Not Working

    Hi Everyone,   I am faced with a problem regarding allocation of a value from a parent to a child entity which does not seem to work. Hope that someone can provide me with some insights.   I am trying to f...
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  • B11.1 web error message "The client application is not known or is not authorized"

    Hello,   I am trying to connect to my Board Web server from a remote computer and the web page gives this error message: The client application is not known or is not authorized   note that, when using t...
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  • Pending Data Entry alert message in Web Client

    Open for voting
    12 votes
    When working from Web Client no question is made,so the user goes to another screen and loses all modified data. If the user enters a data entry but forgets to save it,I wants to display a warning message about savin...
  • Dataflow between two cube with one different entity

    Hello everyone, I have 2 cube: - cube A ("Previsione Parametri Valore Elab - IdElab") with dimensions: Year (Anno), Entity 1 (SOCIETA'), Entity 2 (VERSIONE BILANCIO), Entity 3 (PARAMETRI ELAB) - cube...
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  • Summary Algorithm NOTOTAL for Column Algorithm (Layout)

    Open for voting
    4 votes
    Hi all, it would be great to have the same function (NOTOTAL) for column algorithm as in the data selection. Attached you will find a screenshot.   Use Case: Column algorithm calculates a percentage of a data s...
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  • web:tab

    Open for voting
    1 vote
    I want to change color every tab
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  • Enhance the Availability of the Layouts to the Mask

    Open for voting
    1 vote
    Hi team,   I have an enhancement request below.   Request: Enable Data Layout in the Mask Purpose: Display the Entity Member regardless of its number Background:    I was trying to output...
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  • ADHOC Report Builder

    Open for voting
    25 votes
    The Idea.   I would like to ask for the community to vote for the idea of an adhoc report builder for the daily user.  I am aware that this idea, in various guises, has already been suggested, mos...