• Relationships in BOARD 11

    Hi! Is anyone else having problems with relationships in BOARD 11?   We have started a total new project in BOARD 11 and we are not being able to determine relationships.    Trying to do it manually, ...
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  • Prevent DataView from refreshing/redraw when cell is edited

    I want to stop the DataView from refreshing/redraw every time a cell is edited since i have a Save button setup for Saving and other functions
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  • Web-Login Problems Board 10

    Hello, from one day to the other i have problems with the Board-Web Login under Firefox. After entering the link to the Server i only get a blue circle and nothing happens. With an other browser like edge it works....
    created by ulueers
  • Adding an image to the header or footer in the Web

    I am trying to add a company logo to the header in the web version of create a report for PDF. However I cannot see an option to add anything apart from @Selections to the header or the footer? is there a way to add i...
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  • Digitally Sign for Applocker

    We use AppLocker in a whitelist capacity. This means that only certain folders, publishers, etc, can run on our PCs. For obvious reasons, the Appdata folder in local user profile cannot be a folder level exception, as...
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  • How can I round an input number in the dataview

    I have a dataview in which I want sales persons to add the number of quantities that they will sell per month. For this I only want them to be able to enter whole numbers and not decimals. With the validation rule I a...
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  • Sort dataview by Decreasing Date

    Before I go to too much trouble building in a workaround I thought I'd see if anyone in the Community has found an simple way to Sort a dataview by decreasing date.   Below is the issue you get in BOARD when you...
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  • Hide single functionality of "Sliding Toolbar"

    Open for voting
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    Business Contest The client wants to disable "Save" and "Undo" buttons and to embed these functionalities into a procedure that performs other calculation steps after the data entry saving. Example: in a screen ther...
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  • BOARD 10.5.1

    BOARD 10.5.1 Board Client version 10.5.1 can connect to a server running Board Server 10.5.1 only, it is therefore required to update all Board Client and Office Add-in installations. Capsules and Databases crea...
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  • Connecting and getting Data through REST connection

    Hello Team,   I am trying to get data from BITRIX 24 CRM into Board, however i have not worked on getting Data from another application through REST API before,   Can anyone please help by sharing scr...
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  • DataView Cubes not shown by columns

    Hi all,   I'm showing a cube by Ledger account (By Row) and by year (By Column) for some financial figures. In addition to this, I would like to add a text cube for comments based on Rows (Ledger Accounts). My...
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  • How to sort by a value for a axes combination in DataView

    As shown in the screenshot below, we have a Sales cube and Budget cube, which have the same dimensions - Item, Area, Month, UoM. We tried to calculate the Severity (i.e. bias) and present the data in a flatten da...
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  • Replicate Entity More than once

    Hello Citizens, i'd like to know if we can replicate an entity more than one time , that means that a i have already a replication and i wanna add another one for the same entity. Thank you for your help!
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  • DataView - First column to be a serial number

    What options are to set up a DataView where a first column is a serial number without using a Cube ideally
    created by chris
  • DataView - Update a column when another column is changed

    My requirement is the keep the change DateTime in a cube and this is updated when the user changes another column's value.   For example - when the user updates column "A" (Linked to Cube A), the column "B" (Lin...
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  • Time functions in data flow - BOARD 11

    Hello everyone,   Does anyone else have issues with time functions in data flows with BOARD 11?   I am using "Yearly Moving Total" (often together with a large cycle for balance sheet values) or "Yearly Cu...
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  • Formatting Sub Headers

    Is there a way to format a sub-header of another sub-header within the data view? I've attached a photo for reference. I have my main headers in a dark blue background. Then I have a Sub-Header #1 that is in...
    created by ryanthetford
  • Allow data entry with selection on layout

    Open for voting
    48 votes
    Hi Community Members,   although I am quite aware of certain "known limitations", there is one huge wish for future versions:   It is not so uncommon that layouts with data entry enabled should be restrict...
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  • Collapse & Drill by columns

    Open for voting
    36 votes
    Often we experience the need to create huge reports that contain several blocks with entities by column. This kind of layouts can generate an high number of columns, and this could have an impact on performances and ...
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  • Show grand total on top of dataview

    Open for voting
    73 votes
    Hi Community,   more than once I have been asked by clients to display the Grand Total as the first row of a dataview. Since there is the option to change the horizontal alignment of the row totals (see screensh...
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