• Possibility to stop procedure without stopping service

    Open for voting
    55 votes
    I think all BOARD users would greatly appreciate a way to stop procedures without having to stop the service. Of course stopping the procedure immediately, not after the next step.   We all know the situation wh...
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  • Security profiles

    Open for voting
    4 votes
    Hi   I would like to suggest to have a report that shows the security profiles and what databases they are linked to and filters on the different databases.
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  • ADHOC Report Builder

    Open for voting
    26 votes
    The Idea.   I would like to ask for the community to vote for the idea of an adhoc report builder for the daily user.  I am aware that this idea, in various guises, has already been suggested, mos...
  • Ability to display informational messages when user logs in

    Open for voting
    3 votes
    We currently display informational messages on the home page of each capsule and it has worked well. (the messages usually are to inform users of any issues with the dataload, etc). But, now w...
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  • Comment on cubes

    Open for voting
    11 votes
    Hi all,    I'd like to have the possibility to insert a comment on each cube (and maybe entities), mainly in order to clarify their use in the database and their content. It would be enough to reproduce th...
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  • Preselection for Entity Editor within a Container

    Open for voting
    3 votes
    Hi all,   would be great to have a Option for Preselection of Entity-Member within a Panel (Entity Editor). Otherwise we see nothing until we select an element.   If there are further questions, get back to ...
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  • Sum of selected values (AdHoc)

    Open for voting
    16 votes
    Hi all,   it would be cool if we can see directly the sum of selected values for example like in the following screenshot. If you need any further information, get in touch   Kind regards, Atilla
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  • Formatting more than one cell at a time in Web Row Style Template

    Open for voting
    0 votes
    row formattingformat  In the win client you can select multiple columns and rows to format at the same time in the row style template. In the web client you can only select one "cell" at a time to format. We use...
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  • Bug : Ver 10.6: Crossview fails , Board in faulted state, when Special characters used in Layout title.

    Hello All,   After our recent upgrade to 10.6 we are facing tremendous trouble with reports which were developed in version 10.3.   Now the recent problem is with crossview , when use special characters li...
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  • Enhance the Availability of the Layouts to the Mask

    Open for voting
    3 votes
    Hi team,   I have an enhancement request below.   Request: Enable Data Layout in the Mask Purpose: Display the Entity Member regardless of its number Background:    I was trying to output...
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  • how to do mobile to developer user?

    Cannot allocate an additional license for this user. All licenses of this type have already been assigned.
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  • Our Crossview stopped working after upgrade to 10.6, can any please help ?

    Hello Team,   We are not able to view our Complex table and analysis created using crossview and data after recent upgrade to 10.6.   What can be the problem ?! how can this be fixed ?   Need help o...
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  • Has anybody faced this issue/Bug in version 10.6 ?

    Hello All,   After our recent upgrade to 10.6 we are facing tremendous trouble with reports which were developed in version 10.3.   Now the recent problem is with crossview , when use special characters like...
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  • Switch row/column

    Hey everybody,   for some charts I would like to use the option "switch row/column" since it makes more sense regarding the data. It  works perfectly fine in the Windows client as you can see in the attach...
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  • Allow for export of notes in Presentation Mode

    Open for voting
    1 vote
    This is a straightforward request from the customer who wants to prepare a presentation deck in the BOARD Web Client and share it in a PDF/PowerPoint format to their co-workers: "Allow to export the presentation notes...
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  • geomap

    hi everybody,   I would like to know if it's possible to insert a picture on a geo map ?  Furthermore, i would like to know if it's possible to add an procedure on a map ? For resume, i've some shop and i...
  • Export as Flattened in Windows Client - 10.6

    I am wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue.  I am using Windows Client in 10.6 and if I use the procedure step Export as Flattened to Excel then the layout automatically removes the down total in th...
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  • Geomap Centricity

    Open for voting
    18 votes
      It would be great to have an option to change the centrity of the GeoMap. At now it is Europe Centric, it would be nice to have Asia (or Americas) in the middle.
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  • Can't open Capsule

    The capsule can not open to work and lost to screens. How can I fix The capsule?
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  • Cannot Execute layout Issues

    Hi, Even though I am just about 8 month full hands on BOARD i thought I should have surpass this kid of embarrassing situation. I am creating a transaction file. Each transactions has a unique row identifier. I also ...