• Screen Navigation with Procedure breaks Pager

    Applying data selection to screen via procedure breaks default pager functionality.   Example;   I have a pager which defaults to the current period/month.   I have a button which activates a procedu...
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  • Favourites to BOARD web client

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    Favourites to BOARD web client   Can we have Favourites to BOARD web client so that frequently run reports can be tagged and accessed at ease?
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  • I can't seem to change a cube in the web client?

    I am using 10.5 on the web and when looking at a dataview I cant seem to edit a cube but I can add new ones in and delete other ones? Am I missing something obvious? 
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  • Intermittent Procedure Failures - 10.6 - Windows Client

    Hello, I am wondering if anyone else is having any problems with intermittent procedure failures in version 10.6 as seen in the screenshot below.  The procedure works most of the time but these failures continue ...
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    Open for voting
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    Hello Community, i like using TOP/FLOP analyses and in many Customers i have implemented BOARD solutions i have come across the following need   What is your idea? When defining the Keep Top option, we usually...
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  • Add sum of remaining values in addition to total

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    When filtering the layout by let's say the top customers, I'd like to know how much am I missing. Right now using "Keep Totals" I can infer the rest of the values. But that is a tedious task, best done in excel.  ...
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  • Apply Selection to Block on multiple blocks at once

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    Instead of having to select Screen-Dataview-Block for each block in a separate "Apply Selection to Block"-action, it would save a lot of time if it was possible to multi-select all needed blocks from all dataviews on ...
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  • Sparklines in DataView (Board 11)

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    18 votes
    It was possible to use Sparklines (Charts) in the DataView screen object. Unfortunately Board 11 lacks this function completely for it is developed and distributed in the web client.   Are you going to implemen...
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  • Dynamic time offset

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    28 votes
    There is no chance to label the layout blocks with an offset. If you want to show the previous year, the block has to be labeled with "PY" or similar. To handle it you have to implement a tempcube with the period enti...
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  • Training to learn Board Features & Capabilities

    Hi Board Community,   I would like to explore the capabilities and features of what board software offers in high level & we are in a situation to understand the product features in depth and help one of our...
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  • Dynamic Header Names

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    It would be great if the headers, mainly for dataviews, could be more dynamic. Variables like previous month, previous year(@Month, @PYMonth, @PreviousMonth) would be great! 
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  • Quick Layout for Charts

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    Hi ! The idea is pretty simple and I'm sure it's already in the pipe somewhere in Chiasso... Basically I would like the "quick layout" function to be available for charts, in the same way it is for dataviews (config...
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  • Formatting more than one cell at a time in Web Row Style Template

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    row formattingformat  In the win client you can select multiple columns and rows to format at the same time in the row style template. In the web client you can only select one "cell" at a time to format. We use...
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  • Improvements for 10.6 WEB

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    A few nice improvements for 10.6 web: Have an option to copy and paste block on the layout On the Label/Button properties, when we select Goto Screen it should show the screens on alphabetical order When we export ...
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  • Downtotals without grand total line

    Open for voting
    87 votes
    Hi everyone,   As previously discussed in a forum thread with Gabriele Gallo and Paul Stegmann and in the Board support with Antonio Speca, I found myself several times in a situation where I needed do...
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  • Using both rules and a hierarchy in a presentation by row

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    10 votes
    Hi all,   Very often in our design choices we face a choice between a hierarchy model and a "flat" model, as explained in the knowledge base article Alternative approaches to modelling Finance Reporting in ...
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  • Performance of a Progress JDBC Driver in a C2P architecture

    Hi,   question to community:   I have a Progress JDBC connector installed on Cloud, and I can't optimize data transfer with Progress options. I have a Board Cloud Application connected to a Oracle On...
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  • Chat unread message notifier

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    Hello,   The Chat function is an useful addition to Board Web but it lacks a feature found in other websites. When receiving a message in i.e. Linkedin the browser in the taskbar displays a notifier icon for unr...
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  • Quickwin : redirect to login page when using a bookmark

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    Hi all, I'm posting this as an idea even if this should be a fix, in my opinion. But since Uwe Schlünz from Board support asked me to, here it is .   Issue We have had this issue since the beginn...
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  • My Profile in the community is resetted

    hello going to my profile I see that all points/badges etc have been resetted
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