• parameterize REST URL

    In Board i see there is a configuration for the #REST Url with the parameters. However, I would like to parameterize them with some kind of GUI like textboxes, with which the users can simply enter values.   I...
    created by dominikhaas
  • Chart Improvements - Tooltip by text block

    Open for voting
    12 votes
    A great feature would be if you could also use the function "Tooltip by: Block X" in the block configuration in the chart. If you mouse over a column/bar in the chart, a tooltip with all blocks (and their values) is a...
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  • Information policy needs to be improved / Share information about upcoming BOARD versions

    Open for voting
    18 votes
    Federica Antonelli, Leone Scaburri, Fabio Donatellis   In general it would be helpful to get more and above all faster information about changes and upcoming features / releases.   For example: a document ...
    last modified by dma
  • Does labels using layout, ignore the format define for the displayed block ?

    Hello, I need to display percentage in a label but using format to add a symbol after doesn't seems to work. I've got the following setup :     The result in the label has the 2 digits unlike if used i...
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  • Chart Improvements - Distinguish between blocks in layout and in legend

    Open for voting
    13 votes
    Some of our customers have the desire to specifically select the blocks that should be displayed in the chart itself and which should be displayed in the legend. Thus, it would be helpful to have a function that allo...
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  • Add Options to sort entities in descending fashion

    Open for voting
    1 vote
    Currently, you can't decide to sort entity by "None"   = insert order "Code"  "Desc"     However, it would be more than nice to have the possibility to choose the sort type between desce...
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  • System cube with datareader infos

    Open for voting
    1 vote
    Currently when launching a datareader using a procedure and with a button in a screen, to my knowledge  there no way to display directly in the screen the result to the end user in term of row rejected and integr...
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  • BOARD 11.1

    BOARD 11.1    Board Client version 11.1 can connect to a server running Board Server 11.1 only, it is therefore required to update all Office Add-in installations. Capsules and Databases created or mod...
    last modified by fdonatellis
  • Broadcast error

    Hello dear community,   When I execute a broadcast procedure from a batch file that opens Board client, i have this message (screenshot) and the broadcast is not executed. I presumed this may mean that I have tw...
    created by fatimafaris

    Open for voting
    47 votes
    Hello Community, i like using TOP/FLOP analyses and in many Customers i have implemented BOARD solutions i have come across the following need   What is your idea? When defining the Keep Top option, we usually...
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  • Filter by Column

    Open for voting
    93 votes
    It would really be useful to be able to filter by columns the same way we can filter by criteria on the row. "Show All" works in some cases but not all.   Compounded by the fact that switch row columns is not av...
    last modified by anobles
  • can't run CSV file with Board 11

    Hi,   Its my first time trying to load a Csv file with Board 11, but after configure the data reader the "RUN" Button is not enabled Whereas its possible to run a sql data reader. Steps: Source - I created ...
    created by liebharts
  • Month selection based on a Start Date and End Date

    In order to create a Project (i.e. promotion) management function (which allows end users to add and edit promotions in Board), I've created two Date type cubes for a project Start Date and End Date respectively,...
    last modified by kevin.wu
  • Downtotals without grand total line

    Open for voting
    75 votes
    Hi everyone,   As previously discussed in a forum thread with Gabriele Gallo and Paul Stegmann and in the Board support with Antonio Speca, I found myself several times in a situation where I needed do...
    last modified by ecausse
  • [R] entity - should this work?

    Hi All, I thought I had it, I had the correct number showing, and now I don't, so I decided to check with the community what they're thoughts are.   I'll try not to go into too much detail of what  is ...
    created by bbroughton
  • Enhance the DataView Layout SORT function

    Open for voting
    18 votes
    Currently DataView layouts can only sort by ONE block/entity.      It would be helpful to be able to apply a sort using several blocks.   For example, where a client's data has 3 levels - eg ...
    last modified by hoew248
  • Keep filenames within BLOB cubes

    Open for voting
    5 votes
    If a file is loaded within a BLOB cube, at the time of extraction it is renamed with a meaningless name. It would be nice not to rename the file. Especially for applications where several files are uploaded on BLOB cu...
    last modified by davidegenini
  • How to make 3D Chart

    Candra Aji Pamungkas Jadi PEKIK Paul Wyatt - Avison Young @ Hi All, I wonder if someone can tell me, how to make 3D chart like picture below also I got the example below from the demo files (capsule) Thank u, I...
    last modified by malikul12
  • Cancel on interactive selection: how to cancel the procedure ?

    Hello everyone, I recently built a procedure for interactive selection, started by trigger on the screen, in order to force the user to restrict his/her selection before loading any data. This is because it would oth...
    last modified by ecausse
  • Sample file for FC 4.0?

    Hi there,   Is there any way to get the sample file of financial consolidation 4.0 from the recorded webinar? It helps us build a simple demo for marketing purpose.   Thanks in advance for any help.  ...
    last modified by brdkr