• Geomap Centricity

    Open for voting
    16 votes
      It would be great to have an option to change the centrity of the GeoMap. At now it is Europe Centric, it would be nice to have Asia (or Americas) in the middle.
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  • Interactive selections: adding a text

    Open for voting
    11 votes
    My idea concerns interactive selections. Indeed, in the actual system, it is not possible to specify anything as a sentence to guide users as we want them to check data. Thus, what I thought would be nice to add to th...
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  • Enrich dataview formatting options to approach IBCS® standards

    Open for voting
    34 votes
    1. What is your idea?   Enrich the dataview's format settings. In particular the block-specific #format settings of a layout.   Currently, the several formatting options I know are : use row templates fo...
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  • Sparklines in DataView (Board 11)

    Open for voting
    5 votes
    It was possible to use Sparklines (Charts) in the DataView screen object. Unfortunately Board 11 lacks this function completely for it is developed and distributed in the web client.   Are you going to implemen...
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  • Using "desaturate Alerts"/Treemaps with alerts and negative Numbers

    About the solution If you are using "Desaturate Alerts" in a DV or a Treemap in Combination with an Alert function you can easily see, that the the color is more desaturated, when the Value is getting smaller. In some...
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  • Nexel Enhancement - "Auto update algorithms"

    Open for voting
    17 votes
    Hi fellow community members!   Question: Are you using Nexel for planning screens and did you notice that changing the order of blocks in the data layout will not be reflected in the Nexel-formulas? The con...
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  • Allow Standalone licenses to login web client

    Open for voting
    7 votes
    Hi all,   I have worked in the Board Windows client for most of my 'Board' career.. However, everything is moving to the web currently; also developing models.   In the current license setup, it is not pos...
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  • decimals

    Hello,    I am loading a CSV file (utf-8) with 2 decimals to fill a cube. On the reader and its ETL, the decimals appear properly but once the load is done they don't appear in the cube. In this example, th...
  • Support of right click menu to open link in new tabs

    Open for voting
    23 votes
    The idea is for Board Web Engine to enable a feature that is usually existing with links in HTML browser and allow for links be open in new tabs using right click menu or mouse 3.   First, It's very ...
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  • Aging the time/period

    Hi All,   I'm confused to do an aging of time (that I know Aging use for grouping/mapping about age of sth). This time I'm trying to make Aging for Date. I have Day which is only the Date formate inside so there...
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  • Massive reporting: export looping through entity items

    Open for voting
    12 votes
    A common challenge using Board is to export from Board to other media formats (like pdf, xlsx, pptx, ...) especially when the output must be "one file per each item of an entity". Call it a loop through entity items o...
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  • Dual Install BOARD 10 and 11

    Hi,   I was wondering with BOARD 11 now released - if it's possible to have BOARD 10 and BOARD 11 server installed concurrently on the same machine. We would like to try using the new BOARD 11, but still have cl...
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  • Improve Date format in Export to Excel

    Open for voting
    8 votes
    Dataviews exported to Excel, that contain date cubes, do not behave as 'normal' excel users would expect.  The dates are exported as TEXT, not dates. When an excel filter is added to column headings, the date co...
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  • Does anyone know when Version 10.2 will be released? According to the presentations at Boardville, it should be relased this month but we have not heard any communication.

    Our process for releases has always been to sync Production into Sandbox and test the latest version in Sandbox to confirm that our models have been affected.
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  • cannot start board 10 server

    Board 10 Server is starting. Configuration: C:\Program Files\Board\Board Server\server_config_v2.xml License: C:\Program Files\Board\Board Server\lfitz.Key Cannot start Board 10 Server. Original cause: This license do...
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  • database empty or unavailable

    Dear community   Since a couple of days I have some data readers that stopped working. They are supposed to read data from a database via ODBC connection. When I open one of them and try to connect, I get the ...
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  • Transfert Data Reader only

    Hello all,   For a project I need to update my Data Readers from a server #1 to a server #2. But I want to keep my database on #2.   Is it possible to transfert only Data Readers ? Where are the files to ...
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  • Keep dynamic selection

    Hello,   I have a screen with a dynamic selection on projects. As you can see in the picture there are 76 projects in this dynamic selection with 7 companies (1.). If I select a company then, all 188 projects...
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  • Improve Backup & Restore with timestamp.

    Open for voting
    0 votes
    Today when you backup a databse it basically copies the database whithout a Timestamp. In the Cloud (for instant : MyDatabase.hbmp) , it copies it in the Backup folder. Then, you need to rename the folder (eg : MyData...
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  • BOARD Cloud Service - Backups

    Hi Community I think as part of the standard BOARD cloud service, some backups are included, so I have these questions:   When the backup task is performed? Which elements are backup...security, dataset, datab...
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