• POTX template

    Open for voting
    4 votes
    For the Powerpoint Export there is currently no possibility to make it CI conform with the option to define an own template. To make this possible, this export function would be more useful for our customers
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  • Prior Year Total

    I can current YTD (yearly cumulative value) and prior YTD (yearly cumulative value with prior year selected), but how do I get the full Prior Year total?  I don't want a moving total.  Eg; If the s...
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  • Board 11.2 is available!

    We are excited to announce the availability of Board 11.2!   Already making business reporting, planning, and forecasting more effective with its unified approach, the Board platform is now even faster and more ...
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  • Procedure to extract list of users

    Hi, I have many databases with special security profile depends on users entities. Today every time I create a new User I have to create the entity and use it in different cubes and others. If I can extract the user...
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  • My points, status and badges

    Hello   When we move to the new platform, will all my points, badges and status levels be brought over? Or will I have to start from scratch.   Thanks
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  • Rule only partially working

    I have a rule that is only partially working. The rule itself contains a great many calculations in an entity that has approximately 600 members to emulate an existing calculation. Simply put, some of the calculations...
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  • Broadcasting in Admin Console

    Hey,   we are using 10.6 (Revision 0.1.32761) and I wanted to try out the Broadcasting functionality. Everything is configured so far and we are able to use the "Send To" functionality within the presentation's...
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  • Calculation Domain Settings

    I have been experiencing issues with writing new cells in target cubes after upgrading to Board 11. I am running the dataflow with the setting Limit calculation to tuples where values of at least one cube of the Layou...
    created by mikaelare
  • Error:Index Out Of Range

    Hi who does know the error's reason  and can you tell me how to solve the problem? when I fixed its [the max item Nr] after clearing the entity, the error massage poped out on my database's screen and the Board...
    created by yoyony
  • @logo in Reports

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    17 votes
    Hi,   Unfortunately the @logo is not functional in the report builder. We have the company logo and would like it to show it in the header/footer of the report   Best regards,   Tomislav
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  • Support Icons in menu for the web client

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    16 votes
    Hi all, to my surprise, the icons included in the capsule menu, that could be managed in the Windows client, cannot be managed any more in the web client. I opened a support question about it and Andrea Mo suggested...
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  • Dataflow between two cube with one different entity

    Hello everyone, I have 2 cube: - cube A ("Previsione Parametri Valore Elab - IdElab") with dimensions: Year (Anno), Entity 1 (SOCIETA'), Entity 2 (VERSIONE BILANCIO), Entity 3 (PARAMETRI ELAB) - cube...
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  • Automatic Download of Reports

    Hello all,   we are searching for a conclusion/function to download a capsule (a report on different screens) in excel and pdf on a regular base automatically in a great/defined format.   It is one th...
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  • user filter

    Hi, Is it possible for a user to save his filter settings? We have users here who have to need to make the same filter selection every time they open a report, for example, they want to filter select a couple of depa...
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  • BOARD 11.2

    BOARD 11.2    Board Client version 11.2 can connect to a server running Board Server 11.2 only, it is therefore required to update all Office Add-in installations. Capsules and Databases created or mod...
    last modified by andreamo
  • B11.1 web error message "The client application is not known or is not authorized"

    Hello,   I am trying to connect to my Board Web server from a remote computer and the web page gives this error message: The client application is not known or is not authorized   note that, when using t...
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  • Dataview with "last day" values in a different column

    Hi everyone, I need to create a screen with time selector between two days.   The first columns must be the data accumulate in the period and the last columns with the information about last day selected. In ...
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  • Read Only cubes and data readers

    If a cube is read only as configured on the Database Security for a database profile is it so that in a procedure that clears will work (clearing all cube data regardless of entity access the user may have) but that d...
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  • Map object enhancement

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    11 votes
    It would be nice if countries and regions were automatically integrated in the Map object. This way, counties, regions, provinces, etc. could be colored in and you could zoom and move your map around and click on coun...
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  • Map Repository

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    9 votes
    I have seen a similar idea "Map object enhancement". However that idea requires development effort.    My idea would be to create a repository of colored maps, where the world, countries and regions or prov...
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