• New Object: Process Mining Graph

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    20 votes
    Hi All,   a while ago we at SDG have started to analyze business processes using system log files and different process mining tools. Since process mining has become quite a hype and many of our customers use Bo...
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  • Nexel Enhancement - "Auto update algorithms"

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    20 votes
    Hi fellow community members!   Question: Are you using Nexel for planning screens and did you notice that changing the order of blocks in the data layout will not be reflected in the Nexel-formulas? The con...
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  • Time Function "End of Period Value"

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    10 votes
    There's been a forum post or two about extracting period (week/month/year) end values for inventory similar purposes in the community, and I've just come across the issue again in a current development...and I ju...
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  • Save data entry automatically runs procedure

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    26 votes
    1. What is your idea? When using the standard save dataentry function on a screen (F9, from sliding panel, from WIN Client, from procedure, in advanced data entry) BOARD should be able to run a predefined procedure &...
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  • Disable Data Entry on Grand Totals

    Hi Boardville,   quick question, couldn't find the answer in the search.   How do I disable data entry on the Grand Totals?   Best   Mathias
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  • Down Totals and disappearing dataview

    Has anyone out there experienced the issue shown below (in 10.5.0) or able to explain what might be causing it?   I'm displaying a single mapping cube, with data entry enabled, and axes set as below ...
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  • Any reason why Export to PDF isn't Working ?!

    Hello all,   I am using Board ver. 10.3   I recently tried to export a simple Summarized Dataview via Export to PDF option,   i see a .tmp file being created during this process for a second and then...
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  • when a user gets logged into the capsule and close it and immediately second user connects to the same capsule using same board client the selections under the second user is not seen, until he closes entire board application and again logs in

    both users connect to the same capsule with different credentials but with a single client, both log in to the application one after the other.
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  • y Axis minimum 0, maximum Autorange

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    In a Cartesian graph (such as bar or line graph), I would like to be able to set the minimum of the y Axis to be 0, and the maximum to be Autorange (so that the highest the Y axis goes will be slightly higher than the...
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  • Collapse & Drill by columns

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    45 votes
    Often we experience the need to create huge reports that contain several blocks with entities by column. This kind of layouts can generate an high number of columns, and this could have an impact on performances and ...
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  • Treemap Alerts for negative numbers

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    2 votes
    Hi All,   For Treemaps, alerts can be assigned to values.   So if we take green for positive and red for negative, one would (intuitively) expect the following:   Highest positive number is the ...
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  • PAGER - Security Flaw

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    4 votes
    IDEA Suppress max number of members displayed to a given sub-group when using PAGER object   I would like to suggest that the PAGER object be changed to also show only the max number of members of a ...
    Paul Wyatt - Avison Young
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  • changing chart values dynamically

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    In the chart, other BI tools make change values on the vertical axles from KM to M. Does Board take in to considerations?
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  • Dataview Drill down no value / show all

    Hello together   I have a dataview with 4 cubes and 1 of the cubes is a budget cube which has just some Basic entities.   If I show the new data on a high level everthing looks fine:  But if I dril...
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  • Inquires regarding procedure debug mode

    Dear all, we are using BOARD 11.1 and we need to debug a procedure (stop on a step and make a selection and display a dataview) but we are not able to find how to do.   Please someone could help me? Best regards,
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  • database empty or unavailable

    Dear community   Since a couple of days I have some data readers that stopped working. They are supposed to read data from a database via ODBC connection. When I open one of them and try to connect, I get the ...
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  • 10.5 patch release

    According to the latest patch release for 10.5 here .... "A malfunction on the Recent Documents on the Win Client has been fixed"   I've advised our client to update for this fix, but it doesn't appea...
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  • How can I compare Cube versions which don't align?

    I have a large cube (~23mb), which due to it's size and use we have set up 7 versions. I have an issue where Aligning is not actually aligning call versions.  Version 1 is ending up slightly different to Version...
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  • Add "Inverse" checkbox on "Select entity based on cube"

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    23 votes
    1. What is your idea?    Add "Inverse" checkbox on "Select entity based on cube"   2. What specific problem are you trying to find a solution to, or what new scenario would this idea respond to?   ...
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  • Exclude based on cube

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    22 votes
    Hello everyone, should it be possible to implement something not only to select based on cube but also to exclude based on cube? In the development of both screens and, mostly, procedures, this could be very helpful...
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